SafePcAv Removal Guide

Do you know what is SafePcAv?

SafePcAv, whcih is also called Safe Pc Av hails from the same family as PcSecureNet, PcsSecure, APcSafe, GuardWWW. SafePcAv is therefore another rogue security application, only out to swindle unsuspecting users out of their hard earned money. Assisted by other malware, SafePcAv is able to covertly infiltrate a computer system. Once inside the system, SafePcAv tends to create malicious files and registry values, enabling the rogue program to run on start-up. SafePcAv will initially run a system scan, followed by the displaying of pop-up messages - informing the user that their computer is indeed infected and needs to be cleaned with ‘SafePcAv’ itself.

In non-techie terms:

SafePcAv is in actuality a harmful program that should definately not to be trusted. Remove SafePcAv as soon as possible!

Aliases: Safe Pc Av, Safe PcAv, SafePc Av.