Russian Darknet marketplaces offer Gandcrab Raas for sale

Russian Darknet marketplaces offer Gandcrab Raas for sale

Over the last few weeks, malware experts have noticed ads, which offer Gandcrab Ransomware for sale as a RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-service). In most instances, this devious piece of software is up for sale on Russian-speaking Darknet marketplaces. As it turns out, developers of this malicious application are looking for ways to make extra money by selling their devious piece of software along with instructions on how to use it. Thus, the chances of infecting your PC with the malware in question are quite high nowadays.

Gandcrab Ransomware is the first of its kind to accept Dash cryptocurrency

Once Gandcrab Ransomware enters your operating system, it will immediately try to connect to its Command & Control server. If this malicious piece of software does not establish a lasting connection with its server, it will not start an encryption procedure. However, if such connectivity is successfully established, the ransomware in question will start doing its dirty work.

As it turns out, it will terminate quite a few process on your operating system without any notification. Right after that, it will start an encryption process, which is quick and silent. Due to that this malware will blindside most users. Each affected file will be tagged with a .GDCB extension. To eliminate any chances of manual decryption, this ransomware uses a robust cipher to encrypt your data.

Right after your data is no longer accessible, you will notice a ransom note that will inform you about what has happened. It will ask you to follow the instructions within this document in order to regain access to your data. Further analysis, has revealed that Gandcrab Ransomware is the first of its kind to accept Dash cryptocurrency as a payment. Such payment method is probably used because Dash is built with an emphasis on privacy, which helps cyber crooks responsible for this malware to remain anonymous.

Cyber crooks use the RIG exploit to distribute Gandcrab Ransomware

It has been discovered that developers of Gandcrab Ransomware currently use malvertising methods for distribution purposes. It means that cyber crooks can infect and hijack legitimate advertising networks and web pages. Once such site is entered, a RIG exploit kit will start doing its dirty work; it will attempt to download and install Gandcrab Ransomware without your consent. Due to such functionality, very few users, if any at all, can detect and delete Gandcrab Ransomware. Due to such devious distribution, this malicious application can affect massive amounts of Internet users.

How to protect your system from Gandcrab Ransomware

In order to protect yourself from ransomware application, you must take preventative steps. First, we advise you to make scheduled backup images of your hard drive so you could limit the effects of a ransomware program if it ever hits you. In addition to that, we urge you to practices safe browsing habits. Refrain from all dubious sites since they could host ads or pop-ups embedded with redirect links, which could take you to hijacked web pages. Also, you need to bypass all email attachments that come your way from unsuspecting third-parties since that could be a part of a spam email campaign launched by cyber crooks for distribution purposes. Finally, and most importantly, be sure to install a reliable antimalware tool if you do not have one already. Such a tool is your best bet to keep your operating clean and secure since it can identify and delete any virtual security threat automatically. Take these preventative measures, and you will be able to keep your PC free of Gandcrab Ransomware and other similar applications.