Rtsplgob Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Rtsplgob Toolbar is?

Rtsplgob Toolbar is another crazy named malicious toolbar that comes from the group of Zlob Trojan infections. Can you pronounce Rtsplgob Toolbar? We didn't think so. Once again, the hackers that come out with a new toolbar just about every week or so, has come up with another scheming toolbar. Rtsplgob Toolbar has the potential to redirect computer users to websites that promote and distribute rogue applications.

The Rtsplgob Toolbar looks similar to the previous toolbars that we have talked about where it has 4 buttons with text for popup removal, security tests, spyware scans and spam protection. Of course none of the Rtsplgob Toolbar buttons do what they say. To our surprise, Rtsplgob Toolbar's buttons sends you to a website to download the famous Antivirus2008 Pro rogue anti-spyware program.

In non-techie terms: Rtsplgob Toolbar uses an interstitial page which is a sneaky way of tricking many people when it displays messages that state "Insecure Internet Activity - Threat of Virus Attack. This message may be accompanied by sending you to a malicious website. Don't fall for these devious tricks. Rtsplgob Toolbar is only out to eventually take your money for a fake anti-spyware or other rogue program.

Rtsplgob Toolbar may resemble this image:

Aliases: Rtsplgob Toolbar, RtsplgobToolbar.

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