Rsa-ni Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Rsa-ni Ransomware is?

Rsa-ni Ransomware is a malicious application that primarily targets networks and servers. As a consequence, it is not very likely that ordinary computer users will ever find this infection on their computers. It is a newly-discovered ransomware-type infection, but we cannot say that it differs much from those older ransomware infections. Our experienced researchers say that it also wants money. As a consequence, it threatens to leak important data to the public. Most likely, the size of the ransom it wants users to transfer depends on the importance of files it gains access to and copies to the secret server because the ransom note it leaves for the victim does not contain the exact amount of money indicated. The ransomware infection tries to convince victims that it has their important data in order to push them into paying money, but, to be frank, nobody knows whether it is true. Because of this, victims should carefully consider whether or not to send the money required. It should be noted that this ransomware infection is not automatically deleted from the affected server/network, meaning that victims will need to take care of it themselves after making a payment.

Rsa-ni Ransomware has been developed by cyber criminals seeking to obtain easy money, but, unlike a bunch of other ransomware infections, it has not been designed to cause problems to individual users. Specialists say that it primarily targets companies and their servers/computer networks. Respectively, it might demand a huge amount of money from victims. Unlike some other threats that belong to the crypto-malware category, it does not encrypt any files. Instead, it copies victims’ personal data to its server and keeps it there until the ransom is paid. Well, at least it says so. We cannot say anything about the size of the ransom Rsa-ni Ransomware demands because it might vary. As mentioned in the first paragraph of this report, its size might depend on the importance of files it manages to copy. Even though the exact amount of money victims need to pay to protect their files from being leaked to the public is not indicated in the ransom note Attention!!! Your data breaches!!!.txt, the ransomware infection lets them know that they need to make a payment to avoid further problems. Judging from the following sentence (it can be found in the ransom note dropped), they need to take action as soon as possible: “Please write to us to the e-mail in 24 hours.” Unfortunately, the ransomware infection will stay active even if the ransom is paid.

The majority of ransomware infections targeting companies are spread via malicious spam emails, so it is very likely that Rsa-ni Ransomware does not differ from these threats too. Cyber criminals spread fake emails holding malicious attachments worldwide, so it usually does not take long for ransomware infections to become prevalent threats. These emails usually look incredibly genuine. On top of that, malicious attachments containing the ransomware infection might be disguised as important documents to trick people into opening them. As a consequence, companies should educate their employees how to recognize malicious emails. Additionally, reputable security software must be installed on all computers within the company.

Ransomware infections should never be kept active because they might get updates at any time and cause even more problems. As a consequence, Rsa-ni Ransomware must be deleted from the network/server it has affected as soon as possible. It should be emphasized that it will stay active no matter victims decide to transfer the money required or not. In some cases, it is enough to delete the malicious file launched to get rid of crypto-malware fully, so you should start the Rsa-ni Ransomware removal by doing that too. Then, it would be smart to use security software to check whether all malicious files have been removed.

Remove Rsa-ni Ransomware

  1. Find and remove the malicious file launched (the chances are high that it is located on Desktop or in the Downloads folder).
  2. Remove Attention!!! Your data breaches!!!.txt.
  3. Perform a system scan with an automated antimalware scanner.

In non-techie terms:

Rsa-ni Ransomware is a malicious application targeting networks and servers. Just like similar ransomware-type infections, it is used by cyber criminals to obtain money; however, it does not lock any files. Instead, it copies personal data to its server and then threatens to leak it if the ransom is not paid soon. We can neither confirm nor deny that crooks have your data, so our only recommendation would be not to hurry to send the demanded ransom to them.