Rozalocker Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Rozalocker Ransomware is?

Rozalocker Ransomware is the worst news you can possibly receive today. This new malicious threat may be targeting only Russian speaking countries but of course you can never be safe when a new ransomware hits the web wherever you may be on the globe. This malware program can infiltrate your computer without your noticing it and encrypt your precious files behind your back. You would only realize what has hit you when it is already too late to do anything to save your files. No wonder why it is so vital to prevent such a serious ransomware threat from entering your system in the first place. If you are a security-minded user, you may have a backup copy of your most important files saved on a portable drive. This is exactly the type of attack that makes it even more important to have that because it is not only hardware failure or other technical issues that may damage your files. If you give in to the demands of these crooks and pay up, you may lose more than "just" your files. We advise you to remove Rozalocker Ransomware as soon as you finish this article because you can never feel safe again in your virtual world until even one single potential threat source is present on board, let alone such a vicious program.

It is most likely that you infect your computer with this ransomware by trying to view a malicious attachment spreading via spamming campaigns. As you may know, this is the most widely used method to distribute ransomware infections on the web. A spam mail can easily fool anyone who does not have trained eyes for this. The main agenda of such a mail is to make you want to see the attached file. This file can pose as a text document or a photo; sometimes it is supposed to be a video with some alleged special pornographic content. This whole spam mail is actually set up as a trap for you to believe that you are dealing with an important or "must-see" matter. It is not that easy to identify this mail as a spam as you may think based on past experiences or knowledge. There used to be a time when it was more obvious, it is true. But nowadays cyber criminals can pretend a mail to come from even law enforcement offices or famous, well-known companies like AOL. Opening this spam mail may not be the trigger for the devastating drop, although this might happen in the case of more sophisticated attacks. In this case, it is more likely that you need to open the attached file to infect your computer with Rozalocker Ransomware. Remember that the moment you realize you have been infected and you try to rush to delete Rozalocker Ransomware will be the moment that you also understand that your files cannot be saved since they will have been encrypted already.Rozalocker Ransomware Removal GuideRozalocker Ransomware screenshot
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It is also possible that this ransomware is spread via corrupt third-party ads, such as fake software updates, or by using malicious webpages set up with Exploit Kits that take advantage of outdated browsers and drivers. In order for you to avoid being infected with dangerous threats in any of these ways, you need to refrain from clicking on questionable ads (pop-ups, banners, hyperlinked text, and so on) and visiting suspicious file-sharing websites because one click on the wrong content can easily result in devastating consequences.

This dangerous threat may encrypt all your images, documents, and archives before you could even realize that you have been hit. It also changes your HOSTS.txt configuration file and inserts URL addresses, such as,, kаspе, and symаntе to block you from visiting these pages, which may help you eliminate this attack most likely. A text file is also dropped onto your desktop called "readme.txt" that contains the ransom note. This text is in Russian, so it is most likely targeting Russian speakers. You are also demanded to pay 10,000 RUB (about 170 dollars) worth of Bitcoins to an address provided in this note. After you transfer the money, you have to send an e-mail to contact these crooks at This is a typical mail provider ( used by Russian hackers and cyber criminals. Although it is totally up to you whether you risk paying or not, we must remind you that this is tantamount to aiding cyber crime, not to mention the high probability of not getting anything in exchange for your money. We certainly believe that you should remove Rozalocker Ransomware ASAP.

You may think that it must be difficult to delete such a dangerous ransomware but it is indeed easier than you think. All you need to do is remove all the related files from your hard disk, including your Recycle Bin, of course. This malware infection operates from the file you save from the spam or drop other ways onto your system so you can quite simply locate it. Just in case you need assistance, we have included the necessary instructions for you down below. If you take defending your PC from similar malicious attacks seriously now, maybe it is time for you to safeguard your computer with proper security software like SpyHunter. This tool can automatically filter out all known malware infections and protect your precious system from potential attacks.

Remove Rozalocker Ransomware from Windows

  1. Tap Win+E.
  2. Delete the malicious .exe file (random name) that is located where you saved it. (It could be in default download folders, such as %Temp%, Downloads, Documents, and Desktop)
  3. Delete the ransom note called "readme.txt" from your C:\ directory.
  4. Empty the Recycle Binand reboot your computer.

In non-techie terms:

Rozalocker Ransomware can be worse than a cold shower on a hot summer day. This ransomware can hit you hard since once it slithers onto your system without your permission or knowledge -- even though you are the one to let it on board -- it can encrypt your personal files, such as pictures, documents, and more. It is virtually impossible to unlock these files without the special and unique decryption key, which is of course offered to you by these criminals for a certain amount of money. But you can only wish this were so easy as to transfer some money and you would get your files back. Unfortunately, experience shows that only very rarely it is case. So it is most likely that you would simply lose your money too for nothing. Therefore, we do not recommend that you pay the demanded fee. Instead, you should act right away and remove Rozalocker Ransomware from your system. If manual removal is out of the question for you, we advise you to employ a trustworthy anti-malware program to take care of all your system security issues for you.