RESpyWare Removal Guide

Do you know what RESpyWare is?

RESpyWare is currently one of the more dangerous PC threats on the web. RESpyWare is the descendant of the REAnti, KeepCop, AntiAID, LinkSafeness, SoftCop, Soft Soldier, SecurityTool, Trust Fighter, Trust Soldier or Safe Fighter rogue anti-spyware application. RESpyWare is a fictitious anti-spyware program that has been designed with the flaws of its predecessor being firmly kept in mind, so as to bypass these failures. RESpyWare is aided by a Vundo Trojan infection, while trying to get into a user‘s computer system, which means that the invasion is usually undetected.

In non-techie terms:
Once inside the computer system, RESpyWare will generate a numerous amount of pop-up system alerts reporting various malware on the user‘s computer system and promotes that the computer user pay for the "Full" version of RESpyWare as the "most effective" tool for removal of the exposed parasites. RESpyWare is also known to state that the computer user‘s files are hazardous and needs to be deleted as soon as possible. Paying attention to these tricky tips may lead to severe system damage and also to the installation of additional malware, whose intrusion would be considerably facilitated by the presence of RESpyWare on the user‘s computer system. In addition to the above, RESpyWare is potentially a direct threat to any personal data security. Once detected, RESpyWare should be removed immediately to avoid any negative consequences to a computer system.

Aliases: RE SpyWare, RE.SpyWare.