RegClean2008 Removal Guide

Do you know what RegClean2008 is?

RegClean2008 or known as Reg Clean 2008, is a deceiving program that pretends to be an application that removes parasites and cleans your registry. We have determined that RegClean2008 does none of this and is only good for one thing and that one thing is unjustifiably taking your money. Many computer users may have RegClean2008 installed but they do not know it until they start getting registry entry error popups and alert messages displayed randomly. This is because RegClean2008 can be installed without you knowing about it through a Trojan infection.

The Trojan infection that installs RegClean2008 without your permission may come from a fake video codec download or malicious website that is designed to promote rogue anti-spyware.

In non-techie terms: RegClean2008 is very similar to rogue anti-spyware programs in that it is usually a worthless program that people end up wasting their money on. In the case of RegClean2008 people spend money on the full version in hopes of repairing registry errors that RegClean2008 supposedly found on your system. You cannot trust RegClean2008 and you should not download or purchase RegClean2008 under any circumstances.

Aliases: RegClean2008, Reg Clean2008, Reg Clean 2008.

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