REAnti Removal Guide

Do you know what REAnti is?

REAnti is a new counterfeit anti-spyware software that was created to invade a computer user‘s privacy and is kind of similar to the KeepCop, Soft Soldier, SecurityTool, Trust Fighter, Trust Soldier Rogue program. Like most phony anti-spywares, REAnti issues misleading and overstated results. REAnti will usually install itself onto the computer system without the user‘s consent or knowledge, via a Vundo Trojan infection, a virus or another fake software.

In non-techie terms:
REAnti will display bogus system alerts or bogus security alerts to frighten the computer user into purchasing the "Full" version, so as to remove the potential and reported problems. REAnti not only causes the computer system to perform slowly, it also puts your privacy and data at risk. It is not easy but it is important to remove all the components of REAnti and all the malware and Trojans that REAnti may have come bundled with, such as Zlob.Trojan, Trojan.vundo and Trojan.Downloader. To effectively remove REAnti, follow the manual removal instructions provided, to assist you, and most importantly: please do a back-up of the data first before removing REAnti.

Aliases: RE.Anti, RE Anti.