Realtimeleads / Adsentinel Removal Guide

Do you know what Realtimeleads / Adsentinel is?

Our research lab team says that Realtimeleads / Adsentinel is an old adware application that usually displays annoying pop-ups and shows other commercial content on your browser. It is hard to say whether the new application that surfaced recently has anything to do with the original Realtimeleads or Adsentinel applications, but if you think that whatever you have on your computer is not safe, then you should remove Realtimeleads / Adsentinel or anything similar to these applications right now. You will find the manual software removal instructions below this description, but it is always recommended to invest in a security tool.

Since the program was released in 2014, the chances of getting infected with it are rather slim, but there could still be third-party file-sharing websites host installers full of undesirable applications. What’s more, even if you download and install this program on your computer, you may not be aware of it for quite some time. These adware applications can remain “silent” for a while, and will only manifest their presence when you expect it the least. Also, computer security specialists suggest that this application might be more dangerous than it seems because it can inject Javascript into certain websites, consequently exposing you to corrupted content.

Realtimeleads / Adsentinel might still be available at freeware distribution sites, torrent pages, and so on. Users often turn to such pages when they want to download some applications fast and without any subscription. However, more often than not those programs that you want to download are bundled with additional features or applications that users are not aware of. Let’s say, you are looking for ways to delete Realtimeleads / Adsentinel, but the thing is that you probably have to run a full system scan with a licensed antispyware application because this adware program might be just one of the many undesirable programs currently running on your PC.

The best way to avoid this adware program is to stay away from unfamiliar websites that offer freeware. Also, being attentive during software installation might help, too. Third-party installers often inform users about the additional programs that are about to be added to their systems. But users tend to skip those steps in the installation wizard because they want to be done with the setup as soon as possible. Hence, they lose their chance to avoid Realtimeleads / Adsentinel.

When we take a closer look at this application, we can see that it is more like a package of several programs that might function in different ways. For instance, the bundle that comes with this adware has the AdSentinel.exe file, which lends its name to the program as a whole. We can also find two more configuration files default.filter and default.action. When the program’s configuration is complete, it tracks your online traffic and redirects it through the Privoxy proxy server. This server is the reason Realtimeleads / Adsentinel can embed Javascript in various websites. With the website exploited, it can display annoying commercial ads, collect information, and redirect you to affiliated websites.

This kind of behavior is common to most of the adware applications out there, and it should not come as a surprise. However, sometimes such behavior could prove to be risky, and by interacting with the third-party content distributed through this program, you might get infected with malware. Most of the malware applications aim for users’ financial data these days, so when your computer gets infected, you can be sure it is about a financial gain.

To protect your computer and yourself from potential malicious exploitation, you should not interact with anything this program throws at you because it might end in a disaster.

Luckily, it is not that hard to delete Realtimeleads / Adsentinel from your computer as you can do it via Control Panel. The procedure is simple, and if you have removed a program before, you will definitely know how to deal with this program.

On the other hand, let us not forget that there might be many other unfamiliar applications on-board. For that, scan your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner and if the program detects for potential threats, remove them all automatically.

How to Remove Realtimeleads / Adsentinel

Windows 10 & Windows 8.1

  1. Press Win+R and type Control Panel. Click OK.
  2. Go to Uninstall a program and remove unfamiliar applications.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open the Start menu and navigate to Control Panel.
  2. Select Uninstall a program and delete unfamiliar applications.

Windows XP

  1. Press the Start menu button and open Control Panel.
  2. Go to Add or remove programs and uninstall adware programs.

In non-techie terms:

Sometimes you may not know that you have this Realtimeleads / Adsentinel adware program on your computer. However, if you noticed that your computer behaves in a weird way, you should definitely get yourself a legitimate antispyware tool that would terminate all the actual threats, Realtimeleads / Adsentinel included. Do not wait until this adware problem grows into something bigger. Take the matter into your hands and protect your PC from harm.