Rargenie Adware Removal Guide

Do you know what Rargenie Adware is?

Rargenie Adware is an alleged file archiver, but our cybersecurity experts have classified it as an adware-type application because its primary purpose is to show you pop-up ads that mainly promote third-party software. Furthermore, it was configured to replace your browser’s homepage address with a search engine that was classified as a browser hijacker a couple of years ago. Think program might functions well as a file archiver, but you should not trust it because it comes from an unreliable developer that has a history or producing browser hijackers.

Before we go any further, we want to note that Rargenie Adware is unlike most of the programs we test and analyze because it is not an application for MS Windows but for Mac OS X. Apparently, world-changing application supports 7z, Zip,Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, DMG, and ISO archiving formats which is truly groundbreaking. All joking aside, this application offers very little, and you can swap it for a more reliable and free program.

Cybersecurity experts say that this application can show pop-up ads while you browse the web. In fact, it appears that this application is dedicated to doing that in particular. Most of the content it promotes is software such as PC optimizers and media players. The promoted software is known to be safe but, nevertheless, the pop-up ads are unasked for and annoying.

Furthermore, Research has shown that this adware-type program was set to secretly change your browser’s homepage address with its promoted search engine Search.genieo.com which is a known browser hijacker. Therefore, we believe that its search results can feature promoted links, but the problem is that those links can be malicious in nature and redirect you to infected websites that can compromise your computer’s security. According to our researchers, this hijacker was first seen in 2013, and its creators are still trying to get people to use it by employing deceptive distribution tactics. Now let us talk about how Rargenie Adware is distributed.

Researchers say that Rargenie Adware is distributed on its dedicated website at Rar-genie.com. The site contains useful information such the company that created it. The name of the company is Somoto Ltd. Interestingly, this same company is responsible for releasing browser hijackers called Search.feelbegin.com and Search.inkeepr.com. Therefore, it is clear as day that this company is highly unreliable and you should not trust it to provide you with a reliable and safe service. It is evident that this company is dedicated to generating revenue from ads that are shown as pop-ups as well as in the search results of its related search engine. Note that the search engine was created by a different company. Search.genieo.com is a product of Genieo located in Herzeliya, Israel.

We hope you found the information about Rargenie Adware useful. As you can clearly see, this application is dedicated to showing advertisements in the search results that are not known to be malicious but are still rather intrusive. Also, the search engine it comes with is set to change your browser’s homepage secretly which is a malicious action by definition. Not only that but this search engine is set to feature ad-supported promotional links of unreliable nature. Therefore, we recommend that you remove this adware and if you want to do that now, please see the instructions below.

Removal Guide

  1. Select Go in the menu bar.
  2. Click Applications.
  3. Hold down Control and click RarGenie.
  4. Click Move to Trash.

In non-techie terms:

Rargenie Adware may look like a reliable and safe file archive but the reality is that it is an adware-type application that can show you annoying and intrusive ads. This adware can also change your browser’s homepage address to a malicious search engine that can show unsafe ads. Therefore, you should consider getting rid of this program as soon as you can.