Rafbsvnx Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Rafbsvnx Toolbar is?

The influx of malicious toolbars has been quiet lately but the Rafbsvn Toolbar is now making its rounds on the internet attempting to spread rogue anti-spyware programs onto computer users. Rafbsvnx Toolbar may be installed onto your system without you knowing about it through a Trojan or Video ActiveX Object Error.

In non-techie terms: Once Rafbsvnx Toolbar is present on your system it will advertise or popup adverts to get you to purchase useless rogue programs such as AntiSpyCheck (Anti Spy Check). It is then up to you to avoid the advert or popup. The Rafbsvnx Toolbar may look like any normal toolbar present on Internet Explorer. This is a common trick used by the creators of malicious toolbars like Rafbsvnx Toolbar.

If you are lucky enough to catch Rafbsvnx Toolbar present on your computer then you must take action to remove it at once.

Rafbsvnx Toolbar may resemble this image:

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  • philalethes

    Smitfraudfix did NOT work for me on this one.

    Used Process Explorer, found 3 items without any manufacturers' name running in my Vista User account:

    css.exe, ppxcs.exe, and sccs.exe.

    Google search served up Multiple bogus sites found pushing Spyware Hunter, probably more malware.

    System Restore failed. AVG 8 Freeware missed them after full scan.

    Google led me to PC Tools Spyware Doctor, which failed entirely to get them. $39 for three computers, gave it a shot. Failed.

    Found Previx CSI which was quick to spot them and did clean removal. You can get one month removal for $15. Worth it.