QuizFunWow Extension Removal Guide

Do you know what QuizFunWow Extension is?

QuizFunWow Extension is a browser extension that offers you to kill time by solving funny quizzes. If you often feel like zoning out at work, perhaps this activity would allow you to rest or engage your mind to a particular level. However, what if you did not add this extension to your browser and it seemingly appeared out of nowhere? Well, then you must have downloaded and installed this program accidentally, and you can remove QuizFunWow Extension with no worries. Adding unwanted applications and extensions to one’s browser is a common occurrence, and it shouldn’t surprise you too much.

So let us see how such applications enter target systems first so that you would know what to look out for in the future. For one, we definitely know that QuizFunWow Extension is not a malicious infection, so it does not try to TRICK you into adding it your Chrome browser. It may not be too explicit about it, but it surely does not use stealth tactics to slither into your system. How come users are not aware of this extension then? That is because they are most probably focused on something else. And this is where we have bundled downloads come in.

Bundled downloads or software packages are often used to distribute potentially unwanted and sometimes harmful application. Software packages refer to an installer file that carries more than one application. When users download such packages, they usually want to install only that one program that is often on the filename, and they fail to notice that there are more programs and features coming along. Installation wizard often informs users about those additional programs and features, but there is a tendency to skip installation steps because they all look the same. As a result, QuizFunWow Extension and other potentially unwanted programs end up getting installed on the target system.

Ok, you might say, I didn’t want QuizFunWow Extension, but this app seems kind of fun, why can’t I keep it? Well, we’re not saying that you should not keep it. What we are trying to convey here is that you should think twice about keeping it because the app clearly has some shady aspects to it. And we are not talking just about QuizFunWow Extension here. Most of the potentially unwanted applications and even those quizzes you encounter on social networking websites like Facebook could prove to be rather intrusive.QuizFunWow Extension Removal GuideQuizFunWow Extension screenshot
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While QuizFunWow Extension does not collect your personally identifiable information, it can still monitor your online activity, checking which websites you visit and what keywords you use on a regular basis. Although this information cannot tell anything too personal about it if the extension collects enough data it can use it to generate custom commercial advertisements that will promote things you may find interesting. Although the main point of this extension is to provide you with funny quizzes, it will also display advertisements because it needs to generate revenue. And each time you click the ads the program displays, you will help it make some money.

The problem arises when those ads are embedded with corrupted links that redirect you to malicious websites. How can you know which links are corrupted? You can’t. That’s the point. QuizFunWow Extension does not review the content it promotes, and it could be easily misused by unreliable third parties. While getting infected with malware through such extension is a long shot, you should take all the risks into consideration and get rid of the potentially unwanted programs you did not even plan to have.

You can delete QuizFunWow Extension through the browser’s menu. The instructions for that can be found right below this description. On the other hand, if you think that you may have more unwanted applications installed on your computer, you should scan it with the SpyHunter free scanner. Also, removing unwanted programs automatically would save you time and nerves, as you will not have to look for every single file you need to remove.

Should you have more questions QuizFunWow Extension or your computer’s security, please feel free to drop a comment, and our team will be ready to assist you. Your system’s security should be one of your top priorities.

How to Delete QuizFunWow Extension

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and click More tools.
  3. Open Extensions and delete the application.

In non-techie terms:

QuizFunWow Extension is not a malicious infection, but the extension should not be tolerated if you did not plan to add it to your browser. Inadvertently, this browser plug-in may redirect you to malicious websites or expose you to corrupted content. Therefore, to protect yourself and your computer from various threats, you should see to it that you remove QuizFunWow Extension today. While you are at it, you should also terminate other unwanted applications.