Purple Fox Removal Guide

Do you know what Purple Fox is?

Purple Fox is a Trojan downloader tool that can enable malevolent third parties to infect target systems with dangerous malware. It is a file-less intruder, and thus, it means that Purple Fox cannot be removed from the affected system because there are no files to remove in the first place.

However, if you were affected by Purple Fox, you definitely need to run a full system scan to locate other malicious threats that this Trojan downloader has brought along. In fact, a regular system scan with a licensed security tool would be a good idea.

Purple Fox is not a new infection. This Trojan downloader is used by multiple malware agents periodically, and so, the infection also gets an upgrade or some boost whenever it resurfaces. Whatever Purple Fox does, depends on who is using this application to spread their malware. The latest version of this Trojan downloader is known to spread through the RIG Exploit kit.

This exploit kit is often used to distribute malware. Cybercriminals hack reliable and popular websites and inject the exploit kit’s code into them. This malicious code reaches every single user that accesses the compromised website. For instance, the malicious code might be hiding in the advertisements. If user’s web browser or its add-ons have certain vulnerabilities (this usually happens when they don’t use the latest version of the browser), the exploit kit makes use of those vulnerabilities and installs malware in the background of the affected system.

When users encounter the RIG exploit kit that distributes Purple Fox, the malicious software redirects users to a malicious PowerShell command. There are three ways to redirect users to the malicious PowerShell. First, they can use the CVE-2018-15982 vulnerability in Flash app. Second, there could be two .HTM file that make use of the CVE-2014-6332 and CVE-2018-8174 vulnerabilities. Or, three, the malware might use an .HTA format file to reach the target system.

The malicious PowerShell command presents itself as an image file, and users do not realize they interact with malware until it is too late. What’s more, since Purple Fox is a file-less infection, regular users may not even notice that something is off about their systems until there are far too many malware apps installed. Security experts suggest that Purple Fox is mostly used to deliver cryptomining Trojans. These security threats can seriously slow down your system performance because they hog system resources to mine cryptocurrency.

If you have noticed that your system doesn’t perform well anymore. If it takes years to load your computer or certain programs just doesn’t run as well as before, you probably have some malicious program eating at your system resources. And so, you clearly need to run a full system scan with a legitimate tool of your choice. While it is not possible to remove Purple Fox (you should probably focus on not getting infected with it in the first place), you can still terminate the dangerous programs that this Trojan downloader brings.

To put it simply, there isn’t one particular way for Purple Fox to spread, and there isn’t one particular way to remove the infections that this Trojan downloader brings. It’s very case-by-case. Your best bet in this situation would be using and employing legitimate software and operating systems. Make sure that everything you use is updated and safe. If you have add-ons on your browser, you have to check whether they do not have any vulnerabilities. Also, if you still indulge in employing pirated software, you should break that habit today. You might be saving money, but that is far from safe.

So, let us reiterate. To remove Purple Fox and everything related to this Trojan, you need to scan your computer with a powerful security tool. Depending on the malware that is present on your system, the manual removal instructions might differ. However, you can save yourself the trouble of dealing with these annoying infections manually by terminating them automatically. Use a powerful security tool for that. If you do so, you will also protect your system from similar intruders in the future. However, do not forget that a lot depends on your web browsing habits, too.

In non-techie terms:

Purple Fox is a malware component that brings dangerous programs to your computer. You may not be able to see this infection, but users allow it to enter their systems accidentally. The best remedy against this type of malware is reliable security software. To check whether your system is absolutely clean, run a full PC scan with the SpyHunter free scanner right now. If any potentially threats are found, be sure to remove them ASAP.