Redirect Removal Guide

Do you know what Redirect is? Redirect is a Windows infection which is often categorized as a browser hijacker. This is because the malicious application has been noticed to reroute you from browsed pages and trick you into visiting sites which are based upon online promotion and advertisements. Needless to say, it could be extremely dangerous to click on ads presented by the misleading source. If you are tired of the suspicious infection controlling your browser, you have to remove Redirect from the computer.

Browser hijackers usually enter the system once you visit precarious web sites or use illegal sources to download software onto the computer. Once the infection is activated, it can take over your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, modify the settings and start collecting information about your browsing sessions. The quickest way to determine if your PC is infected with Redirect is by witnessing rerouting to such sites as, or Additionally, you should be aware of pop-up ads and notifications flooding your screen. If you notice this, terminate your browsing sessions and immediately delete Redirect.

Please follow the removal instructions presented below. However, note that these guides will not delete existing infections which may have entered your PC if you have browsed carelessly. Start by getting the infection removed from the computer.

Remove Redirect from your PC

1. Click on the Start menu.
2. Select Control Panel.
3. Now click on Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Uninstall a program (click Classic view to find this option on your Windows Vista/7).
4. Click on Redirect related items and select Remove/Uninstall.

Remove the add-on from Internet Explorer:

1. Click Tools and then Internet Options.
2. Navigate to the Advanced tab and click on it.
3. Click on the Reset button.
4. Click Reset again.
5. Select OK.

Remove the add-on from Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click on Help and then Troubleshooting Information.
2. Hit the Reset Firefox button on the right.
3. As Firefox Import is complete – click Finish.

Remove the add-on from Google Chrome:

1. Click on the wrench icon, go to Tools and select Extensions.
2. Click on the item you want to delete, select the bin icon and then hit Remove.
3. Move to the Settings on your left.
4. Click on Manage Search Engines under Search.
5. Select Redirect and then choose “x”.
6. Pick a new default search engine and apply it.

In non-techie terms:

You should not let browser hijackers corrupt your Windows system or enable schemers to trick you into following misleading instructions. As soon as you notice any abnormalities within your browser, inspect your PC and remove Redirect or other running infections. Once manual removal is complete – install SpyHunter to scan the PC and check if all malignant components have been removed. The system offers a free spyware scanner, and you should not hesitate about installing it.

Aliases: Protectedsearch Redirect.