Protect Soldier Removal Guide

Do you know what Protect Soldier is?


Protect Soldier is latest in fake security related programs which spreads around the internet. Protect Soldier has been designed for one purpose only and that is to trick money out of you. Protect Soldier usually uses tactics such as a fake scan report as well as fake scan report results in order to try and convince computer users that they are infected with dangerous threats. More over, various annoying security messages or pop-ups may start showing up telling that you need to purchase a full version. The main goal behind this is to make computer users scared and then offer you the full version of Protect Soldier, for a fee, which promises to remove these threats that don't actually exist.

In non-techie terms:

Protect Soldier is a dangerous program, which has no real functionality at all. Its only aim is to force users into purchasing a full version! Do not trust any of the messages or Scan reports when Protect Soldier is in Your PC. Remove this fake software as soon as possible.

Aliases: ProtectSoldier, Protect.Soldier.