Project34 Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Project34 Ransomware is?

Project34 Ransomware is a newly-created threat which can be described as a file-encrypting computer infection. It is called like this not without reason. Our experienced researchers have decided to put it into this category too because their research has shown that it is no longer possible to access the majority of files after the entrance of this computer infection. Evidently, it targets those files users value the most because they say that they cannot open pictures, media files, and documents after the successful entrance of this ransomware infection. Fortunately, system files located in the %WINDIR% directory will not be locked, meaning that your Windows OS will continue working smoothly. Project34 Ransomware is not that kind of computer infection which applies a number of modifications on the affected computer, so its removal should cause much trouble. Sadly, we cannot say that it will be easy to unlock files locked by this ransomware infection because the AES-256 encryption method is used to encrypt them. Such strong ciphers as AES-256 are not easy to crack, so it might be impossible to get files back. Of course, cyber criminals will offer you a solution to the problem, but it does not mean that you should go to contact them, purchase the decryption key from them, or send them your IP address. It is always a bad idea to have something in common with cyber criminals.

Project34 Ransomware was first detected in February, 2017, and it has already encrypted files on numerous computers. Our team of researchers has noticed that it is spreading in Russia the most actively, but there are already users from other countries who have encountered Project34 Ransomware, so the infection rate of this malicious application might increase soon. Once Project34 Ransomware successfully enters the computer, it performs the encryption process the moment it is inside the system. All files it touches receive a filename extension Also, a ransom note пароль.txt is dropped on the computer. It tells users that their files are locked, and they need a password to unlock them. In order to receive it, they need to contact cyber criminals by writing them an email with an IP address to It is very likely that you will receive an answer with the specified amount of money and instructions explaining how to make a payment for the unlock password. Although it seems to be the one and only way to get files back, do not go to pay money to cyber criminals because, in most cases, they do not give users a key/tool to decrypt files. On top of that, our security specialists say that it might be very dangerous to send an IP address to bad people because it might be used for malicious activities. The website recommended for users (it should help users to find their IP addresses) in the ransom note left by Project34 Ransomware cannot be called trustworthy either, specialists say.

Let’s talk about the distribution of this ransomware infection before we go to delete it. Unfortunately, we have to admit that not much information about its dissemination exists, but, of course, there are no doubts that it is also spread and slither onto computers illegally. According to our experts, this usually happens when users open attachments of spam emails they receive. Stay away from all suspicious emails in the future, and install a legitimate security application. If you do what our experts say, you will ensure the maximum protection of your PC. We are sure that this is what you want.

It would be enough to remove the malicious downloaded file and the ransom note left by Project34 Ransomware to erase this ransomware infection from the computer, so do not postpone the removal of this malicious application. Do not worry if you find the manual removal process too complicated because you can go to delete Project34 Ransomware with an automatic tool, such as SpyHunter, too. It should be noted that an automatic scanner cannot crack the encryption algorithm and unlock files for you either.

Delete Project34 Ransomware manually

  1. Launch the Windows Explorer by pressing two buttons (Win+E) on your keyboard.
  2. Find and delete the malicious opened file (check %USERPROFILE%\Downloads).
  3. Remove the ransom note пароль.txt from Desktop.

In non-techie terms:

Project34 Ransomware should be already removed by now. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that your computer is clean now. To find out the real truth, go to scan your computer with an automatic scanner. Only those users who have deleted Project34 Ransomware manually should do that because those who have performed the system scan with an automatic tool have already deleted other working infections from their PCs next to Project34 Ransomware.