PrivacyConductor Removal Guide

Do you know what PrivacyConductor is?

PrivacyConductor is a rogue anti-spyware program that is known to run scans on user's computers displaying erroneous results. PrivacyConductor may warn users through popup or alert messages warning that you have privacy violations which are all false messages. PrivacyConductor attempts to persuade users into purchasing a full version of the fake anti-spyware program PrivacyConductor.

PrivacyConductor is not a legitimate spyware removal tool. PrivacyConductor is more of a nuisance than a helper.

In non-techie terms: PrivacyConductor is similar to other rogue anti-spyware programs in the fact that it uses illicit tactics to get users to purchase a licensed version of the PrivacyConductor software. PrivacyConductor is not a good working spyware removal tool and must be avoided at all costs. Do not under any circumstances purchase the PrivacyConductor program.

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