Privacy Components Removal Guide

Do you know what Privacy Components is?

Privacy Components is the name of a fake anti-spyware program that pretends to eliminate the threat of spyware or malware. Privacy Components does not eliminate anything but money out of your wallet if you ever make the mistake of purchasing the Privacy Components program. It is not recommended that you even install Privacy Components because it facilitates many deceiving tactics.

Privacy Components or PrivacyComponents, may come from a Trojan such as Zlob or Vundo. Once Privacy Components is installed it may start to scan your system automatically displaying many fake scan results. In addition to the fake scan that Privacy Components performs, it starts to display popup messages or system alerts warning you of infections that are not even on your computer.

In non-techie terms:
You can never trust any rogue anti-spyware program. Privacy Components does not sway too far away from that statement. Removal of Privacy Components is recommended so that you may have a chance to keep your computer from getting unnecessary damages. Do not ever voluntarily install or purchase Privacy Components under any circumstances.

Aliases: Privacy Components, PrivacyComponents.