Presto TuneUp Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what Presto TuneUp is?

Presto TuneUp is a fake anti-spyware program and clone of Fast Antivirus 2009. Both Presto TuneUp and Fast Antivirus 2009 facilitate many illicit tactics to force computer users into purchase a full version of each application. Presto TuneUp or PrestoTuneUp, is able to be automatically installed by means of a Trojan infection such as Vundo. In the case that you have a Trojan infection, you may get fake popup messages that further tempt you to purchase a licensed version of Presto TuneUp.

Presto TuneUp will also scan your computer returning multiple parasite results. These results are fake. Presto TuneUp is not able to detect or remove any type of computer parasites.

In non-techie terms:
Presto TuneUp is a useless application that you should never use for your security needs. If you notice that you have Presto TuneUp installed on your system then you may need to take immediate action to remove it before you make the mistake of purchasing a full version. Do not under any circumstances purchase Presto TuneUp. You will do nothing but waste your money. website image:

Aliases: Presto TuneUp, PrestoTuneUp,, Presto-TuneUp.

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