Phase Bot Removal Guide

Do you know what Phase Bot is?

Trojans that use the Phase Bot are extremely clandestine and malicious, because they are very hard to detect, and they gain a lot of privileges on your Windows operating system. The botnet has been created by people who are only interested in generating profit, and this becomes clear after learning that Phase rootkit can be bought for $200. Trojan developers will use the service to ensure that their infections are installed without a trace, and this is why we are sure that it will be very difficult to delete Phase Bot Trojans from your operating system. Are you sure that these threats are active on your PC? There is no way to know unless you run a malware scanner that is able to warn you about the threats that require removal.

Phase Bot services can be bought, which is why it is not surprising at all that this program is promoted. The promotion indicates that the program offers “formgrabbing, ftp stealing, and of course the ability to run without a file.” If the infection slithers in and you do not delete it in time, it could be used to spy on you, steal personal data, receive commands, take over the administrative control, and perform DDoS using your name. Do you want to be involved in that? Your computer could become inoperable, you could become a victim of identity theft, and you could even face financial loss if your banking accounts get hacked. Phase Bot malware is installed into registries and injected to rundll32.exe, which is why it is very difficult to locate and remove Phase Bot Trojans. Needless to say, it would be much easier to delete a program that ran simple files which were not able to conceal themselves from removal. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and you wish have to work hard to delete Phase Bot malware.

Do not allow cyber criminals to bully you and remove Phase Bot Trojans as soon as possible. If you have no skills that would help you to delete this malware manually, we advise using the automatic malware removal software. Of course, you should not trust fake malware removers, because you could attract more security issues by installing them. After all, Phase Bot malware is spread via corrupted downloads and corrupted spam emails, which only proves that your virtual security is at risk if you are careless. To delete Phase Bot Trojans together with all other dangerous threats that could have been installed alongside and to shield your operating system against other attacks, you need to install a trustworthy security tool.

In non-techie terms:

You must eliminate all threats associated with the Phase Bot, because they are truly dangerous. Install an automatic malware removal tool to ensure that all threats active on your PC are deleted successfully. If you cannot install reliable security software on your PC, follow the instructions below, and soon enough you will get rid of all threats linked to Phase Bot.