Pharming Drive-Bys Down Your Street

Don't get caught standing in the line of Pharming Drive-Bys.

A year or so ago the big news about your home router is that a hacker could use a default password to gain access to your network. This is happening again only this time the attackers do not need your password to gain access through a newly uncovered flaw in certain routers.

Recently a flaw was discovered on certain routers allowing outside users to access the router's settings without the owner's permission. Accessing your router allows anyone to change the DNS setting which opens up your computer for others to use your internet access for who knows what. Using your internet access to perform criminal acts could mean serious trouble for you.

What is Pharming? (Pronounced farming)

Pharming is a hacker attacking a computer to redirect the internet access to the compromised computer. Pharming can also be the redirection of a given website's traffic to a fake website. Pharming is sometimes done by changing the DNS server settings to allow the internet traffic to be redirected at a hacker's push of a button.

Wouldn't you hate to be on your banking account's website and in reality it is a hacker website recording your personal information while cleaning out your account?

What does all this mean and how can you protect yourself?

If your network or router is open to attacks, hackers could use your computer to perform unlawful activities without your knowledge. It is always a good practice to keep your current router firmware and software updated with the latest version. You can do this by visiting the home page of your router's manufacturer and checking for updates regularly. Usually when a vulnerability such as the Pharming issue is discovered, the manufacturer of your router releases a fix or patch to apply to your router's software or firmware.

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