Pest-Patrol Removal Guide

Do you know what Pest-Patrol is?

Pest-Patrol is a very dangerous rogue anti-spyware program. Pest-Patrol is usually obtained from which is discovered to be a malicious website that distributes and sells the fake anti-spyware application Pest-Patrol. Pest-Patrol entices computer users to purchase the full Pest-Patrol program through popup alerts that state you are infected with Trojans or spyware.

Pest-Patrol should not be confused with another program that is simply called "PestPatrol" which is a legitimate program. Pest-Patrol, which has a dash in-between the two words, is a fake anti-spyware program that should not be used no matter how trustworthy it may look.

In non-techie terms: Many times hackers that create programs like Pest-Patrol use the name of an actual legitimate program to fool computer users. In the case of Pest-Patrol they did not deviate far from the "PestPatrol" program which is a genuine anti-spyware program. Do not purchase or download the Pest-Patrol program under any circumstances unless you want to potentially damage your system.

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