Personal Shield Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what Personal Shield Pro is?

There is a new clone of Fake SpyPro called Personal Shield Pro. It is a rogue antispyware application, which has a serene-looking light blue interface and uses it to coax the unsuspecting users into believing that it can solve their problems. The thing is that Personal Shield Pro is a problem itself and it causes a lot of harm to any user who manages to get this infection.

Usually Personal Shield Pro is installed from the rogue’s site, which means that the user has to land in there somehow. It usually happens when he clicks on unfamiliar links he sees in random websites, or on a flashy advertisement. Either way, Personal Shield Pro has a wide distribution system, so one always has to keep in mind that clicking on anything eventually will lead to some kind of infection. Therefore, it is important to be careful while browsing the Internet.

When Personal Shield Pro roots in your system it changes certain system files so that the rogue would load every single time you turn on your computer. Then the main interface window of the program will pop up and it will perform a fake system scan. Personal Shield Pro will claim that it found a lot of malicious program, viruses and adware in your computer and it will offer to remove it. However, the removal is not for free. The rogue will ask you to pay for the full version of the program, which actually can do nothing at all.

You see, Personal Shield Pro only steals your money through elaborated purchase operation, at the same time hindering various processes in your system, so it is more than obvious that it is a malicious application which has no place in your computer. In case you have been infected, your job right now is to get yourself a reliable security program which would remove Personal Shield Pro for you without any problems. Manual removal requires a little bit more of computing experience, so automatic removal is the most effective in this case. No matter how you get rid of this rogue, just make sure you erase Personal Shield Pro from your computer entirely. Don’t become a victim of this fraud.

In non-techie terms:

Personal Shield Pro is a fake security program else known as rogue antispyware which behaves like an antivirus application. However, it is nothing but a dangerous computer threat, which also targets your money, so you need to terminate Personal Shield Pro as soon as possible if you have it in your computer.

Aliases: PersonalShieldPro.