Personal Internet Security 2011 Removal Guide

Do you know what Personal Internet Security 2011 is?

If you’ve had the misfortune of crossing paths with rogue antispyware application Personal Internet Security 2011, chances are you probably regret it by now. The truth is Personal Internet Security 2011 does not offer any benefits to a PC and will damage any infected system. This is because Personal Internet Security 2011 is not a real security tool, but a sneaky infection bent on extorting money out of consumers. Personal Internet Security 2011 is spread by Trojan and malware viruses found all over the Internet on illicit websites and bundled with other suspect software. Imitating the workings of genuine security software, Personal Internet Security 2011 will do absolutely everything in its power to convince the user of its legitimacy. Users are urged never to believe any correspondence received from this rogue, and to immediately delete Personal Internet Security 2011. Once Personal Internet Security 2011 roots itself onto a PC it will start its attack with an unsolicited security scan. It will then product a list of false positives, wanting the PC owner to believe his system has been compromised. Personal Internet Security 2011 will then go on to inform the user that the only way to get rid of these supposedly purported infections will be to pay for an Personal Internet Security 2011 license. This should simply never happen as the consumer will be handing over his sensitive billing information to cyber criminals, exposing himself to identity fraud and the user will receive nothing in return but an empty shell.

In non techie terms:

The best way to protect your PC and limit the damage done to it is to permanently get rid of Personal Internet Security 2011. For the best results, make use of a powerful security tool which can competently and safely remove Personal Internet Security 2011 off the PC for good.

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