Personal Antivirus Removal Guide

Do you know what Personal Antivirus is?

Personal Antivirus is a fake anti-spyware program lurking over the internet. Personal Antivirus may be installed automatically by a Trojan such as Zlob or Vundo without permission from you. Personal Antivirus was also found to be a clone of another rogue anti-spyware program called Internet Antivirus Pro.

Both Personal Antivirus and Internet Antivirus Pro are worthless programs that do not remove a lick of spyware. You cannot trust Personal Antivirus for your security needs. Personal Antivirus is a very annoying program also because of the number of popup messages and system alerts that it displays in hopes of getting you to purchase a full version of Personal Antivirus. Do not fall for this trick or you may be sorry.

In non-techie terms:
Personal Antivirus could potentially cause damage to your computer. It is important to never purchase Personal Antivirus for any reason. Personal Antivirus is a waste of money. Remove it and you do not have to worry about wasting your precious time finding a way to get a refund for buying a useless application.

Aliases: Personal Antivirus, PersonalAntivirus,

  • Jason Feinman

    I tried everything described above and while it is removed, for some reason when I go into IE, any websites requiring name and password((MMORPG sites, etc)) I still get a blocking command

    thing is when I go into Firefox it isn't there. I don;t know if it is still installed

  • Trent

    Please help. I cannot get this annoying pest of a fake antivirus software off of my laptop. I tried doing your first "easy" way and it didn't work. Then I tried your manual 2nd way and some of the processes in the taskmanager won't let me delete them. I tried to delete WINLOGON.EXE for instance, and it says it is unable to terminate process because it is a critical system process. Please help in any way you can, I will do anything to get this off of my laptop!

  • http://nil Jennifer Nicolai

    I found this was the only removal instructions I could use without cost. Any company that charges has an interest in ensuring viruses continue (although I am sure not all are so unethical). The only problem I had was that using Windows XP I think I should have gone to safe mode when prompted? instead of rebooting because i missed out on the prompt to 'replace infected file?'

    How can I send a donation to your cause?

  • Matthew

    I tried it and i still the i dont get what to do please help me!

  • Michelle

    First a great big thank you, I finally got the software off the computer by using your staps above. I had to do it three times but it worked...

    However now when I am on the internet, regardless of the site, it pops up and says site blocked or dangerous and gives me to the option to install the personel antivirus software or continue unprotected. If I choose to continue it keeps pop that up and never lets me go to the web site? Anymore suggestions?


    Michelle Creech

  • Nastassja

    I tried the 'easy' way to remove, but step 6 did not occur. Also, I couldn't findstep 9 and 10 , the personal antivirus was not removed. I was wondering if it might be different for Vista?
    I will try to do the manual removal, though I'm no expert on computers. Thanks for providing these instructions for free!

  • Jeeka

    Cheers mate, worked like a charm.
    I used Spybot S&D First... removed some, registry files were gone. But the pav.exe was still present, just went to C:\\program Files\PersonalAV, deleted the whole folder(shift+delete) (or is it //?)

    Well, thanks again. My friend's happy that the stupid thing is gone now. Rage.

  • http://yahoo jenn

    thanx so much for the info! i had been trying things all day!