PCVirusLess Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what PCVirusLess is?

You have to ask yourself, how much money should you waste on rogue anti-spyware programs until you realize that many of them like PCVirusLess (PC Virus Less) are scams? PCVirusLess is an outright scam that you should not have to confront several times through it's popup messages and system scans. PCVirusLess is one of those programs that you should avoid purchasing no matter how annoying it can be when it asks you to register PCVirusLess.

In non-techie terms: We found PCVirusLess on the www.PCVirusLess.com website, go figure. Nonetheless, www.PCVirusLess.com should be blocked and never visited. When it comes to protecting your computer, PCVirusLess is the worst. PCVirusLess does not have the ability to remove spyware or parasites as it falsely claims to. Do not ever download, install or purchase PCVirusLess under any circumstances.

Aliases: PCVirusLess, PC VirusLess, PCVirus Less, PC Virus Less, PC-Virus-Less, www.pcvirusless.com.