PC Security Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what PC Security Pro is?

PC owners who value the security and safety of their PCs are warned to steer well clear of PC Security Pro. This seemingly legitimate looking application is in fact a bogus and rogue security tool. Emulating the workings of a real antispyware application, PC Security Pro will do everything in its power to ensure that its prospective victims believe in its authenticity. Despite this, PC Security Pro has no ability to detect or remove any type of infection from a PC, and it is really nothing more than a malicious infection in itself.

PC Security Pro will use any means at its disposal to facilitate its surreptitious infiltration of the system. This may range from using bogus online malware scanners to seditious browser hijacking websites. These browser hijackers use drive-by download tactics to forcefully infect its victims’ PCs.  Other infection tactics include PC Security Pro infecting online flash ads with its infection, and uses this as a part of its online marketing campaign.

Once PC Security Pro is installed, it will start its attack by initiating fake security scans. These fake scans will yield bogus results informing the user that his system is infected. It will also spam the user with various fake security alerts, such as the following:

Personal Security Pro has detected malicious software that may cause PC crash. Click “Remove All” button below to remove them now.

Symptoms PC Security Pro will initiate to further panic the user into thinking his PC is under attack include blocking the Internet connection, as well as preventing the user from running any applications on the infected system. Other symptoms vary from extremely poor system performance to randomly generated and deleted Desktop items.

In order to secure your PC’s security, destroy Personal Security Pro with the help of a powerful security tool. This will not only get rid of Personal Security Pro, but also protect against similar attacks in future.

In non techie terms:

Personal Security Pro is a fake security tool unable to live up to any of its promises. Don’t waste any more time and erase Personal Security Pro immediately.

Aliases: Personal Security.