PC Protection Center Removal Guide

Do you know what PC Protection Center is?

Stay away from PC Protection Center. This well known rogue antispyware application should remain far away from any healthy PC, as it will start breaking down the inherent safety features of any infected system the moment PC Protection Center infiltrates it. PC Protection Center belongs to the same family as Privacy Guard 2010, Privacy Corrector and Pcoptimizer 2010.

Distributed via sneakily bundled Trojan and malware infections, PC Protection Center has the potential to cause permanent and irreparable damage to any infected PC. Users should thus remove PC Protection Center without wasting a moment’s time. Everything about this application is fake, from its user interfaces to its bogus security notifications.

PC Protection Center will never live up to its promises, as it is unable to identify, quarantine or remove any threat or parasite as it’s an infection in itself. It will do everything in its power to gain the trust of its victim, and users should accept all correspondence received from PC Protection Center as highly suspect.

In order to limit the damage posed to the system, stop PC Protection Center by employing the removal power of a powerful and effective antispyware application.

In non techie terms:

PC Protection Center is a fake security product which cannot be trusted. It’s imperative to remove PC Protection Center without giving it any further opportunity to harm your PC.

Aliases: PCProtectionCenter, PCProtection Center, PC ProtectionCenter.