Palladium Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what Palladium Antivirus is?

The sophistication and effort which goes into rogue security products is mind boggling, and is largely attributable to the continued success of such scams. Palladium Pro is the perfect case in point. This rogue, which emanates from the same destructive family as the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials rogueware.

Making use of established modes of infection, Palladium Pro certainly does not break new ground in this regard although the vitriol behind its attack should not be underestimated. Sneaky browser hijackers distribute the Palladium Pro Trojan to its intended victims’ systems, after forcefully redirecting their browsing and search sessions to its harmful sites. Palladium Pro also bundles its Trojans and malwares with existing and genuine downloads obtained from third party sites.

As soon as the Palladium Pro infection is rooted in the system, the user will become aware of its presence through various incessant pop up messages from Fake Microsoft Security Essentials, which reports that the system is compromised by various fake threats. This is done with a definitive goal – to place Palladium Pro in a positive light with the PC owner, and also to create panic among its victims. The various fake alerts will report that the PC is infected with:


…and will read as follows:

"Microsoft Security Essentials Alert

Potential Threat Details

Microsoft Security Essentials detected potential threats that might compromise your private or damage your computer. Your access to these items may be suspended until you take an action. Click 'show details' to learn more."

"Microsoft Security Essentials Alert

Solution found

Microsoft Security Center has detected the submitted suspicious file as "Trojan.Horse.Win32.PAV.64.a".

Threat level - very high.

Required action - Antivirus software is required to find and delete all traces of the virus.

Click "Ok" to allow operation system to install the trial version of Palladium to solve the problem.

System reboot is required to complete the installation."

No one should believe, or act on these fake security alerts. Do not act on any of the calls to action contained in the bogus notifications, as this will pave the way for Palladium Pro to successfully scam you out of your money.

Palladium Pro will not allow the user to run his PC normally until he pays for a Palladium Pro license. The user will not be able to access his Desktop items, and will not be able to launch certain executables on his system either. If the user tries to close the Palladium Pro application on the system, he will be presented with the following message:

"Current settings don't allow unprotected startup. Please check your settings."

Palladium Pro will ransom your PC until you submit to paying for its incredulous and harmful software. Do not allow yourself to become its next victim. Obliterate Palladium Pro from the system in order to effectively take back control of your PC. Invest in a secure and legitimate security application which will not only erase Palladium Pro but also offer future protection against similar threats.

In non techie terms:

Palladium Pro is a fake security application and it has to be destroyed. Do not waste another moment before taking back your system by employing the removal power of a genuine security tool which will effectively and permanently remove Palladium Pro from the system.

You will not have access to your Desktop with Palladium Pro infection. To get back control over your desktop Follow these steps :

  1. After the system boots up, you will arrive at the Palladium Pro Start Screen. Click on "Safe startup" button.
  2. You will have to wait untill Palladium Pro loads and ends it's scan.
  3. When scan ends click on  "Unlock modules to kill all treats" button at the bottom right.
  4. After step 3 Palladium pro will show you a purchase page. You have to close it:
  5. Now you should be able to close Palladium pro
  6. After Palladium Pro is closed your desktop should load normally. But this is only a start of Palladium Pro removal. You still have to locate and delete infected files.

Aliases: PalladiumPro, Palladium Antivirus, PalladiumAntivirus.