Package Access Helper

Do you know what Package Access Helper is?

Many Android users are complaining about the warning message "Package Access Helper has stopped," which appears on the mobile device's screen after an update, installation process or some file crashes. The issue was noticed back in 2012 without any precise solutions offered by the authors of the software. No exact explanation as to why Android users have to deal with this type of error has ever been fully explained so far, and we can either speculate, or search for possible solutions to the Package Access Helper problem.

Package Access Helper is part of the Android operating system and is developed by Google LLC, which become the author and developer of Android in 2005. The Package Access Helper software gets its updates on a semi-regular basis, with the latest known update released on December 23, 2017. Unfortunately, even the latest version has caused some inconvenience to its users, who are complaining about the software.

Package Access Helper errors appear when some application-related problem occurs. However, when the process of this built-in software is running, it drains the battery, making it last only about 8-9 hours. Moreover, it uses a high percentage of CPU and prevents successful installation or updates of Android apps. Users have noticed that Package Access Helper-related issues occur after installing Amazon AppStore, Spotify and some other applications. Additionally, it is also known that the Package Access Helper error occurs when trying to move apps to the SD card, but it is important to note that not all app developers enable this function.

Interestingly, different solutions work in different situations. For example, some users report that they successfully killed the process of Package Access Helper by re-installing programs whose update processes failed. Unfortunately, to the great disappointment of many users, other solutions such as rebooting multiple times, taking out the battery, re-enabling programs, and clearing cache were useless processes. Moreover, some of the processes, including clearing cache, were not even possible to some users. If you are dealing with the same Package Access Helper issue, try all these solutions to see whether any of them works for you. If not, restoring factory data or flashing the factory image should be carried out. To have the device updated with a factory image, if the device is still under warranty, you should deliver the device to the seller or service dealing with such issues. Additionally, you should bear in mind that manual changes are made at your own risk. Before flashing a factory image by yourself, you should back up all your valuable data stored on the device and get acquainted with instructions how to do that successfully. If you find the process too complex, seek professional assistance so that you do not inflict any damage.

Some security experts argue that the name Package Access Helper may be used to disguise a malicious program accessible on some software sharing website, such as Google Play. Even though trustworthy software distributors use various filters to prevent malware, it is important to check the reviews of the program to make sure that the program selected is safe to use.

Even though Package Access Helper errors appear when some issues related to mobile applications occur, it is worth paying attention to the whole performance of the device. High CPU usage, battery draining, unexpected notifications, and new apps installed without your approval might be a sign that the device is infected. First, you should go to Settings and open your Application manager and delete cache data by selecting the Clear Cache option. Additionally, it is necessary to clear other app-related data and the unwanted application itself.

In non-techie terms:

Package Access Helper is a built-in process of Android operating systems that starts after an error in software installation or updating occurs. The process of Package Access Helper has been observed to use extensive CPU resources and battery, causing slow performance of the device. In order to fix the issue related to the Package Access Helper error, it is advisable to restart the device and reinstall the program that has caused the error. The other solutions discussed above should also be tried out until the issue is fixed.