Oxar Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Oxar Ransomware is?

Oxar Ransomware is a threat that we can add to the HiddenTear/Hidden Tear family. Just like all other threats from this family, this ransomware was created to encrypt files and then push the victims to pay money to get an alleged “encryption key.” If you believe that the key will be given to you, you might send $100 to 16Vs1Z2yrYBM49GpipN3yz1WaMSYS8xm16 (Bitcoin Wallet), but that, of course, is not what our research team recommends. Instead, it is recommended that you ignore the ransom requests and immediately delete Oxar Ransomware. But what if you need your files back? Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you can recover them, and so we hope that your photos, documents, media files, and archives are backed up. Are they not? If that is the case, you are in big trouble, which, unfortunately, cannot be solved by removing the ransomware.

Have you executed the launcher of Oxar Ransomware by opening a corrupted spam email attachment? That is how many users are likely to let this monstrous infection into their operating systems. The good news is that this particular infection is not spreading widely at this time, and no money has been sent to its creator yet. Due to this, we are hopeful that you can still protect yourself against it. If you fail to do so, the threat might slither in without any notice. When it encrypts files, it not only renders them unreadable but also appends the “.OXR” extension to their original names. This is done simply to help you notice which files were corrupted. In general, Oxar Ransomware encrypts documents, photos, videos, archives, and other files that might hold personal content. To decrypt the files, you need a special key that only the creator of the ransomware has, and that is why it is unlikely that you will get your files decrypted; even if you pay the ransom.

Have you been introduced to the “All your personal files as been encrypted” pop-up? If you have, you must have been introduced to the full ransom note as well. According to it, you cannot remove Oxar Ransomware; otherwise, you will lose the chance of getting your files restored. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that this chance exists at all. The ransom note pushes you to create a Bitcoin Wallet using blockchain.info, purchase Bitcoins (100 USD worth), and then transfer the money along with your ID and personal email address. Do you understand why it is risky to share your personal email with cyber criminals? That is because they might use it in the future. Since Oxar Ransomware itself is most likely to spread via emails, you must understand already how easy it is to fall for this trick.Oxar Ransomware Removal GuideOxar Ransomware screenshot
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You need to find and delete the launcher of Oxar Ransomware. If you do that, the creator of the malicious infection will no longer have a connection to your operating system. Identifying the launcher might be the biggest problem if you have no clue where the threat has come from. In this case, you are at risk of eliminating the wrong files, which is why we suggest employing an automated anti-malware tool instead. It will quickly remove Oxar Ransomware, and, at the same time, your operating system will become much safer. Needless to say, that is hard to guarantee if you choose the manual removal option and if you do not use reliable security software.

Delete Oxar Ransomware

  1. Right-click and Delete the malicious {unknown name}.exe file (the launcher).
  2. Empty Recycle Bin.
  3. Run a full system scan to check for malicious leftovers.

In non-techie terms:

If you keep postponing the removal of Oxar Ransomware because you do not know what you should do about your personal files, we suggest making the decision fast. While it might seem a good idea to pay the ransom, remember that the infection was created by a cyber criminal who cannot be trusted. Overall, in any case, you must delete the infection as soon as possible. Are you 100% sure that no other infection is active on your operating system? What about further system’s protection? If you want to have Oxar Ransomware and other threats eliminated at once, and if you care about full-time protection, we advise installing anti-malware software ASAP. If you choose to keep your PC unguarded, remember that malware can come in disguises, and it can slither in at any point.