Optional SpeedDial Removal Guide

Do you know what Optional SpeedDial is?

According to our security experts, Optional SpeedDial is an adware (advertisement supported program) which could flood your browsers with unreliable, untrustworthy pop-ups adverts. Even though the potentially malicious program does not have an interface which could help you indicate the program at once, you should recognize its existence as soon as you discover various pop-ups flooding your Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or other popular browsers. Note that various advertisements, prize draws or offers could be alluring to you because the application is likely to utilize web cookies to discover your virtual preferences, habits and recent web searchers. This does not mean that you should click on any pop-up ads or take up the presented offers. In fact, we recommend that you remove Optional SpeedDial.

There is no doubt that the main purpose for Optional SpeedDial is to promote services and products. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that these are reliable. Do you want to waste your money on something that has no value or does not even exist? In extreme cases the presented advertisements could be used by schemers to trick you into spending money on bogus products. What is more, cyber crooks could also use advertisements to route you to unreliable, corrupted websites. This is extremely dangerous as in many cases schemers could use this to infiltrate malware onto your personal computer without you even realizing it. Therefore, we do not recommend you click on any suspicious, unreliable ads, whether they come as pop-ups or get opened in new windows and browser tabs.

There are a few different ways you could delete Optional SpeedDial from the computer. Note that even though the adware program is disturbing your web browsers, its components are active on your PC. Those with more experience are likely to locate and remove all potentially dangerous files manually. Unfortunately, this is not a task for most users because it requires a specific type of knowledge. If you have not deleted computer infections or potentially unwanted programs in the past, we recommend installing authentic malware detection and removal software. Click the download button below to install a reliable malware remover onto the computer.

In non-techie terms:

Optional SpeedDial is a suspicious program which is usually categorized as adware or a potentially unwanted program due to its ability to present numerous of pop-up advertisements whenever you are browsing the web. To locate the suspicious application on the system we recommend installing a reliable spyware scanner. After this, you should immediately delete the potentially dangerous program from the system.

Aliases: OptionalSpeedDial.