Online Gaming Threat Alert: Online Games Targets for Malware

Gaming Malware or Trojans (Win32/PSW.OnLineGames) recently known to steal personal user information which can lead to theft of money and virtual identity.

Do you play online games, have kids or know someone who plays online games? Did you ever think that you were vulnerable to a security attack just because you were playing or accessing an online game?

Lately it has been a wealth of security issues effecting online gaming that has several computer users and online gamers worried. Should they be worried? Yes, it is a serious and real threat in the virtual world of online gaming where thousands of gamers are being infected by game related malware that may steal virtual identities or lead to lost of account information and money.

There is an increasing amount of computer attacks that are designed to steal user data through many means such as online gaming. Several types of trojan infections, such as Win32/PSW.OnLineGames and INF/Autorun, are circulating over the internet that may infection your system that you play games on thus making your computer vulnerable to attacks or theft of your personal information. Many of the gaming Trojans such as Win32/PSW.OnLineGames, are known to have keylogging and rootkit capabilities that can steal online game credentials.

Because online gaming is not thought of as something outwardly personal or private we do not think it is an open door for hackers to attack. This is the very reason hackers choose to attack online gaming, it is not as easily exposed as a threat such as your web browser or download of a certain file on your computer. If gaming malware can infiltrate the International Space Station, as reported by many security sources online recently, then surely your system is just as vulnerable.

How can you still play your online games and not be frightened by the fact of gaming malware potentially affecting you?

Educating yourself of the latest threats is a good first step to arming yourself with the correct tools. Knowing when a specific threat is on the loose will keep you abreast of any solutions or recommendations suggested by security experts. Keeping your security software up-to-date is also a step in the right direction. Utilizing a recent copy of antivirius and antispyware software is always a good idea. Keeping your gaming software up-to-date is also good advice as software vendors release security patches often for not only productivity or desktop applications but for games also.

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Do you think that your online game has been attacked recently? Have you encountered an attack on your online game from a hacker? Are you afraid that you may encounter an attack in the near future from a Trojan infection or hacker malware attack through your online game or games?