Odveta Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Odveta Ransomware is?

As we can perfectly see from the name, Odveta Ransomware is a malicious computer infection that intends to encrypt your personal files and then wants you to pay the ransom fee. In a sense, there is nothing surprising about that. It’s how ransomware programs work, and we have to understand that unless we employ various prevention measures, it will be hard to counter ransomware infections in the future. Although it is possible to remove Odveta Ransomware from your computer, sometimes you have no other choice but to give up on your files.

So, what can we do to prevent such infections? For one, we should definitely learn more about ransomware distribution methods. Although ransomware has been around for many years by now, it still employs the most common malware distribution techniques. Our research team says that Odveta Ransomware usually spreads via spam, unsecured RDP, and malicious downloads. This means that users ALLOW this infection to enter their systems. However, it is clear that not everyone knows that they install Odveta Ransomware on their computers when they launch the installer files. So, how would it be possible to tell dangerous files apart?

When you receive an email, you probably know the sender most of the time. If not, the sender is probably an official and reliable entity. What’s more, these days, important information is seldom included in an attached file, unless that’s part of how you work. In a sense, it means that there is a bigger chance to get infected with ransomware on a work computer, and that is extremely dangerous because if multiple drives are connected into one network, an infection like Odveta Ransomware on one computer could end up paralyzing an entire network, and we definitely wouldn’t want that.Odveta Ransomware Removal GuideOdveta Ransomware screenshot
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Therefore, whenever you receive messages from unknown senders, you should not be so hasty as to open the attached files. If the message seems fishy, or if the contents are too urgent, there is always a chance that someone is trying to trick you into downloading the attached file and launching the infection. The best way to make sure whether the file is safe or not is to scan it with a security tool before opening it. If you do that, you will surely avoid Odveta Ransomware and other similar infections.

Let’s not forget about keeping a file backup, too. As far as we know, Odveta Ransomware deletes the Shadow Volume Copies. It means that this program does everything in its power to stop you from recovering your files in other means possible. Hence, if you keep copies of your files in an external hard drive, you might be able to circumvent this infection without too much damage. Unfortunately, not everything understands the importance of a file backup, and so, they end up battling Odveta Ransomware and all the infection consequences.

It is easy to understand that Odveta Ransomware encrypts target files in the most common directories where users keep their data. The program works pretty much like Kronos Ransomware and Angus Ransomware because they come from the same Ouroboros Ransomware family. So once the encryption is complete, Odveta Ransomware displays a ransom note, and here’s what it says:

All Your Files Has Been Locked
They Cant Get Restore or Decrypted Without Decryption Key + Tool
You Have 2days to Decide to Pay
after 2 Days Decryption Price will Be Double
And after 1 week it will be triple Try to Contact late and You will know

The ransom note doesn’t say how much you are supposed to pay for the decryption. It only gives you to email addresses you are supposed to use to contact these criminals. However, we all know that contacting criminals is a no-no.

While some infections from this family can be decrypted, unfortunately, currently, there is no public decryption tool for Odveta Ransomware. That doesn’t mean that you have to follow the criminals’ instructions. Remove Odveta Ransomware from your computer today, and then look for other ways to restore your files. If you address a local professional, you will probably be able to retrieve at least part of your files. Or, if you have a file backup, you don’t even need to worry.

How to Remove Odveta Ransomware

  1. Press Win+R and type %APPDATA%. Click OK.
  2. Go to Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
  3. Delete the Winlogon.exe file.
  4. Scan your computer with SpyHunter.

In non-techie terms:

Odveta Ransomware is a dangerous infection that can lock up your files. The program wants to steal your money by making you think that it can recover your data. You should never pay a single cent to these criminals. Simply remove Odveta Ransomware today, and then go through other file recovery options. You should also work on learning more about ransomware and various prevention measures that would protect your system from similar infections in the future.