Obama Sex Video message: A Sham Spreading the Mal/Hupig-D Trojan

"Obama Sex Video" Spam email message phishes for you through a porn video

Do you want to see a sex video of the Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama? Well, we hate to disappoint you but there isn't one. Recently a malicious spam email message has been circulating over the internet titled as "Obama sex video" that appears to have come from the email sender infonews@obama.com. We even posted an article some time ago about a wave of new malspam which includes the title "Obama is Gay" which is also false.

This "Obama sex video" message has a link that is supposed to let you view a so-called video of Obama but is really a link that displays an amateur porn video. You would hope that your kids do not get this type of message. The malicious act actually happens when this porn video plays. While you may be engrossed in that type of porn video, the Trojan infection Mal/Hupig-D starts to install on your system.

Mal/Hupig-D is a backdoor Trojan infection that has the ability to drop other files or fake anti-spyware programs onto your computer without your actions. That means even if you enjoyed the amateur porn video, by time your done with whatever it is you are doing, your computer could have a nasty program installed that is difficult to remove. Even worse, it may display popups asking you to purchase a program to remove the infection which is really scare tactic.

So if you get any email message that is titled "Obama Sex Video", don't run off and contact the news about a new presidential election scandal that you discovered, you may get laughed at because it is a phishing spam email.

Have you ever received a spam message titled "Obama Sex Video"? Did you think it was legitimate for a minute?