New Tab Minimal Removal Guide

Do you know what New Tab Minimal?

If your web browser's default settings were altered without any warning, it could be an indication that New Tab Minimal is up and fully running on your operating system. While this application is not malicious in itself, its functionality is quite invasive. In fact, our research team has dubbed it as a potentially unwanted program due to its intrusive nature and questionable distribution. What is unfortunate is that quite a few users are simply manipulated into download and installing this program without fully understanding how it will affect their daily online experiences. In our report, we provide further information in regards to the invasive functionality of this potentially unwanted program so you could understand why we advise its complete removal. To get rid of New Tab Minimal without encountering any major problems make be sure to use the detailed instructions that we present below.

While New Tab Minimal is advertised as a great tool, which should provide you with an ability to customize your homepage and new tab page, you will quickly realize that it functions in a rather invasive manner. Unfortunately, its overall functionality usually has a negative effect on the way you experience the web. That is so because right after it gains full access to your operating system it installs a suspicious third-party browser extension. This plug-in will, in turn, trigger a change of your default homepage and new tab page without any warning. Once these changes are in place, you will be forced to use a questionable third-party website as your default homepage every time you will start an online session. That same questionable site will be set as your default new tab page; thus, instead of seeing a blank page you will see that dubious site every time you will open a new tab. While such functionality causes frustration, you should also know that the questionable third-party extension can also establish a lasting connection to an adware server. If this happens, you will likely start seeing an unusual amount of third-party web content. In most cases, such content manifests as various commercial ads, pop-ups, and coupons. It goes without saying that devious content and the inability to start you online sessions on a website that you prefer will make surfing the web a much more annoying experience than you are used to. Restore your browser's default settings by executing a complete removal of New Tab Minimal at the very same moment that it is found active on your PC.New Tab Minimal Removal GuideNew Tab Minimal screenshot
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The suspicious distribution of New Tab Minimal is another major reason this application has been classified as a potentially unwanted program. It is important to note that quite often it could be spread via bundled installers. Therefore, if you already have this questionable application active on your PC and you did not install it consciously, we highly advise you to run an in-depth analysis of your operating system for other suspicious and even potentially malicious programs since they could have come along. Make sure to avoid applications such as New Tab Minimal by simply refraining yourself from questionable third-party download websites as they are infamous for hosting bundled installers. You can also limit your chances of coming across suspicious programs by simply learning about them as much as possible before even downloading them. Finally, we highly advise you to install a professional antimalware tool if you do not have one already. Such a tool is the most important part of your virtual security as it can detect and warn you about any dubious program in advance. These simple, yet effective steps, will help you keep your PC safe and secure at all times.

The complete removal of New Tab Minimal should not be delayed. Use the instructions below with care. It is critical to note that only a complete removal of this potentially unwanted program will help you restore your web browser's default settings once and for all. To be sure that no traces associated with New Tab Minimal are active on your PC, we advise you to perform an in-depth analysis of your operating system. This is crucial since leftovers of this devious application could be used in devious ways. For example, traces could be more than enough for the dubious functionality to continue. Those same leftovers in other situations could be used for a silent restoration of New Tab Minimal.

How to remove New Tab Minimal from your PC

Google Chrome

  1. Start your web browser.
  2. Click the Menu button and select Settings.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Click the Trash can icon next to the unwanted extension.
  5. Click the Remove button.

In non-techie terms:

If you believe that manual removal is a bit too complicated, do not worry. Our malware experts have crafted an alternative removal guide. By following the instructions that we provide below, you will be able to delete New Tab Minimal in an automatic manner. These instructions are especially helpful for user with no advanced computer knowledge.