New Tab Aid plugin Removal Guide

Do you know what New Tab Aid plugin is?

New Tab Aid plugin is an undesirable Google Chrome browser extension which might be installed on your browser silently. Since it does not have an interface like ordinary applications, it might take time to realize that it is the one responsible for applying changes to your web browser. There is probably no need to say that New Tab Aid plugin cannot be called trustworthy, and it is, actually, not only because it usually sneaks onto computers without permission. Our experienced specialists say that this plugin might even expose users to potential threats no matter that it looks completely harmless at first glance, so its removal is obligatory. It should not be that hard to remove this piece of software because it only affects Google Chrome and it can be easily accessed and erased via its Add-ons Manager. Before you go to delete it, read its description – you will be told why its presence is not such a good idea.

Users who encounter New Tab Aid plugin do not immediately understand that it is active on their browsers. Instead, they believe that some kind of malicious application has entered their PCs and applied changes. Theoretically, some kind of malicious program might be active on your PC, but New Tab Aid plugin is surely the only one you should blame for changing your default search engine to If you look closer at the search tool set, you will notice that it is the modified version of Yahoo! - all the searches are redirected to{searchTerms}. In consequence, the chances are high that users will see the modified search results. These are search results which are usually shown to users to drive the traffic to certain pages and generate revenue for the developer. Needless to say, nobody shares the revenue with users. In addition, research has shown that these modified search results might redirect to untrustworthy pages if users click on them. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that you will not click on a modified search result ever again even if you make a promise to be cautious – it is often hard to distinguish between modified and normal search results, so the chances are high that you will click on these modified ones sooner or later and end up on a third-party website with no relevant information. Hoping not to end up on a malicious website is the only thing that is left for you if you decide to let New Tab Aid plugin stay installed.New Tab Aid plugin Removal GuideNew Tab Aid plugin screenshot
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It should be noted that untrustworthy software is not the only bad thing which might be waiting for you on those third-party pages opened for you after clicking on modified search results. According to our specialists, theoretically, some of these pages might try to extract all kinds of personal details from you too – these details can be sold expensively these days. The longer New Tab Aid plugin stays, the bigger are the chances that you will be faced with enormous problems.

Before we help you to delete New Tab Aid plugin from your Google Chrome browser, we want to tell you how such untrustworthy plugins as New Tab Aid plugin are usually spread. Actually, several different strategies are used to spread such tiny pieces of untrustworthy software, but we would like to distinguish two methods in particular (they are used the most frequently). First, users often get undesirable software installed on their computers by clicking on malicious pop-ups displayed to them. Second, undesirable software is often spread in bundles with other applications, and users install the entire software bundle without even realizing that. Be more careful in the future!

There are only two removal steps you have to take to fully eliminate New Tab Aid plugin from your Google Chrome browser: 1) open the Add-ons Manager and 2) select and delete this undesirable browser plugin. We know that the majority of our readers are inexperienced users, so we want to make the removal process easier for them by providing the removal guide – find it below the article.

Delete New Tab Aid plugin manually

Google Chrome

  1. Start Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the menu button (top-right corner) and select More tools.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Select the undesirable extension (New Tab Aid) and then click on the Trash icon.
  5. Click Remove in the pop-up window.

In non-techie terms:

Undesirable software sometimes manages to slither onto computers together with other suspicious programs, especially, if users install those software bundles we have told you about in the 4th paragraph of this article, so it might be really smart to perform a full system scan with an automated scanner to make sure that no other active threats are left on the computer. Has your scanner found malicious components that do not belong to New Tab Aid plugin? If so, delete them all without hesitation.