New addition to computer threat recipe on the loose

These days many websites support Java applications, making them an integral part of a site. Due to the general prevalence of Java applications they are also a popular vehicle for computer malware. There is a new threat going around called Taco. It is a malware which, despite its rather tasty name, can make your computer go through sever dyspepsia if you install it into your system. Taco is a generic Trojan which pretends to be a useful Java application.

You can encounter it by clicking on various pop-ups that come up while you browse the Internet. After clicking on the pop-up, you will be directed to a website with a fake Softpedia notice, claiming that the Java application is 100% clean. This way Taco displays the usual Trojan behavior, because that kind of malware normally poses as a program which performs a desirable function. However, it shouldn’t be trusted, because once Taco enters your computer’s system it behaves as any other Trojan out there, leaking information and messing with your computer’s performance.

Taco is a generic Trojan so usually it is detected by a system security tools quite easily. However, it would be even better if the malware didn’t have a chance to enter your computer’s system at all. Be wary of clicking on links to unknown sites and applications, especially when you don’t know what source they come from. It is best to avoid having Taco installed, as it is an annoying pest. You wouldn’t want this flavor in your kitchen.