Netcom3 PC Cleaner Removal Guide

Do you know what Netcom3 PC Cleaner is?

Netcom3 PC Cleaner is a fake anti-spyware program similar to other fake applications that claim to have the ability to clean your system of spyware or other malware. Netcom3 PC Cleaner, once installed, will display many annoying popups or system alerts warning you of imaginary infections. These messages are created to get you to purchase a full version of Netcom3 PC Cleaner where you may think that this would alleviate the popups. Thats not the case, Netcom3 PC Cleaner keeps on bugging you.

In non-techie terms:
Netcom3 PC Cleaner may come from a website that promotes other rogue anti-spyware programs which was more than likely created by a group of hackers who look for monetary gain from these fake programs. Netcom3 PC Cleaner should never be downloaded, installed or purchased under any circumstances.

Aliases: Netcom3 PC Cleaner, Netcom3, Netcom3PC Cleaner, Netcom3 PCCleaner, Netcom3PCCleaner.