Nebula Exploit Kit Removal Guide

Do you know what Nebula Exploit Kit is?

Nebula Exploit Kit is one of many exploit kits rented out by hackers to enable cyber villains to deliver payloads to victims' systems. Of course, this can only happen if certain conditions are present. This kit can only find an open door to your system if your browsers and drivers (Java, Adobe Flash, and Silverlight) are outdated. In other words, if these programs are not updated frequently, such a kit can exploit older security bugs and compromise your system by dropping payloads. When this kit has hit you, it may not even be clear what kind of payload it has delivered to your system. For all you know, you could be infected with all kinds of dangerous threats, including ransomware programs, (banking) Trojans, backdoors, keyloggers, and practically anything criminals want to spread. Since this kit is located on a remote web server, you cannot directly remove Nebula Exploit Kit. Still, you cannot take it lightly that it may have dropped serious threats on your system. Our researchers suggest that you detect and eliminate all possible infections from your system that could cause the redirection to the malicious page using this exploit.

To avoid similar dangers in the future, you need to know how it is possible in the first place to end up on malicious web servers and pages that may use such exploit kits to infect unsuspecting victims. Most of the time, you need to engage with unreliable third-party content to be taken to a malicious website like the ones using this kit to infect people. It means that you may click on fake content or third-party pop-up and banner ads on shady websites usually associated with dating, video streaming, file sharing, gaming, gambling, and porn. You should stay away from such websites if you want to keep your system clean. Please note that clicking on unsafe third-party content can result in your being redirected to a malicious page on a new tab or in a new window, or your dropping a whole bundle of malicious threats onto your system. Normally, it could be enough for you to delete Nebula Exploit Kit by closing your browser window if your PC is not infected. However, this kit can trigger the drop of any dangerous threat the moment the malicious page loads, so you may not have enough time to act.

It is also possible that some malicious threats are hiding on your system, ones that infiltrated your computer previously. In this case, such infections as adware programs can easily redirect you directly to a malicious server or page to infect you by this exploit kit. But a malware infection can also show you corrupt ads and links that will do the redirection instead. All in all, it is vital that you make sure that your computer is clean if you want to use a secure PC. Thus, we suggest that you use a proper online malware scanner after you delete Nebula Exploit Kit, meaning the responsible application, so that you can identify all other threats on board, which should also include the payload this kit may have dropped.

This exploit kit, similarly to other kits like RIG, is sold as a service on the dark web or on underground forums. You can buy different subscriptions, such as $100 for 24 hours, $600 for 7 days, and $2000 for 31 days. Once it is rented, cyber criminals can use it on their web servers to scan visitors vulnerabilities regarding browsers and drivers. Webpages can also be created using this kit to drop all kinds of payloads, i.e., infections. Our researchers have found that this dangerous exploit kit has the following features:

  • Automatic domain scanning and generating (99% FUD)
  • API rotator domains
  • Exploit rate tested in different traffic go up 8/19%
  • Knock rate tested with popular botnet go 30/70%
  • Clean and modern user interface
  • Custom domains & server (add & point your own domains coming soon...)
  • Unlimited flows & files
  • Scan file & domains
  • Multiple payload file types supported (exe , dll , js, vbs)
  • Multiple geo flow (split loads by country & file)
  • Remote file support (checks every minute if file hash changes; if changed, replaces it) for automatic crypting
  • Public stats by file & flow
  • Latest CVE-2016 CVE-2017
  • Custom features just ask support

Since there can be all kinds of dangerous malware programs on your system by now, we recommend that you act immediately and remove Nebula Exploit Kit and all possibly related threats.

If you reset your main browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer, you can get rid of all the malware threats related to your browsers (browser hijackers, ad-supported extensions, etc.). Please follow our instructions below if you need assistance with this. Since resetting your browsers will not necessarily remove all threats and payloads delivered by this kit, we recommend that you use a reliable anti-malware program to tackle all possible system security issues automatically.

Reset your browsers

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Tap Alt+H and navigate to Troubleshooting Information.
  2. Press Refresh Firefox.
  3. Press Refresh Firefox in the pop-up window.

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  3. Scroll down again and click Reset.
  4. In the pop-up window, press Reset.

Internet Explorer

  1. Tap Alt+T and go to Internet Options.
  2. On the Advanced tab, click Reset.
  3. Select the Delete personal settings checkbox.
  4. Click Reset.
  5. Press Close.

In non-techie terms:

Nebula Exploit Kit is a dangerous malicious toolkit that can drop any threat onto your system without your noticing it. This kit can be rented by cyber criminals to distribute all kinds of infections. This kit can be used to scan visitors for vulnerabilities when they are redirected to a malicious web server or webpage operated by such crooks. If the visitor's browser or drivers are not up-to-date, this kit can take advantage of outdated software bugs to drop dangerous threats behind your back. It is possible that your computer is infected with malware, such as adware, and this is why you land on such a malicious page. But, you can also be taken there by clicking on a corrupt ad on a suspicious website. All in all, you need to remove Nebula Exploit Kit from your browser and the payload it may have dropped on your system along with all other possibly harmful programs. We suggest that you employ a reputable anti-malware program to protect your PC against potential and malicious threats, too.