MySpace Microsoft Updates - What a Contradiction

You can get Microsoft Updates from MySpace now? No, it's another attack.

The ferocious hackers on the internet's social networks are getting really good at their A game. They are now infiltrating users systems through MySpace by use of Microsoft Update popups. This is really ludicrous and very scary at the same time.

Recently malware distributors (hackers) are attacking MySpace in a way that MySpace users get a popup alert that looks like a Microsoft Update. Common MySpace users may click on this so-called Microsoft Update popup and it will trigger a download of a terrible package with all types of infected files including Trojans, malware, remote access tools, and downloaders. The initial attack comes in the form of a simple MySpace friend request. If this friend request is accepted it will bombard you with popups asking you to perform a Microsoft Update.

Sure, we could all use a Microsoft Update every once-in-a-while but not from MySpace.

Recently we uncovered how hackers were attacking thousands of websites through severs across the world. The new MySpace hacking tactic only reassures us that making MySpace and other social networks safer is a never ending battle. The internet is too open, reoccurring hacks like this should not happen every day. Until we work harder to protect ourselves with a little extra knowledge, the hackers will have the upper hand in ruining people's lives.

PC Tip: When surfing on the web, it is always a good practice not to excessively click on popups no matter how legitimate they may look. When using a social network you should set your personal profile to "private" so other users except those that you designate, can view your profile.

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