MyDocsHere Removal Guide

Do you know what MyDocsHere is?

MyDocsHere is a toolbar that works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. According to its description, the application can provide various tools, such as a word processor or spreadsheets. While such functionality might sound tempting, we advise learning more about this extension if you do not want to risk getting disappointed. As you see, the tool falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs that can have undesirable qualities. We encourage you to read our full article to learn about them and how the toolbar works, where it might come from, and how it could be erased. Also, we can offer you our removal guide that is available at the end of this article. It shows how to delete MyDocsHere from your browser’s extensions menu.

Where do applications like MyDocsHere come from? Currently, a well-known platform known as the Chrome Web Store is one of the places that offers this potentially unwanted program. Nonetheless, we doubt that cautious users are downloading it from the mentioned platform because the application’s rating is not that great, and it has quite a few negative reviews at the moment of writing. For instance, one of the users wrote that the toolbar is “terribly bad,” while another user called it “horrible.” However, even if such reviews may change the minds of users who could come across this potentially unwanted program on the Chrome Web Store page, it does not mean that it cannot be downloaded from somewhere else. For instance, it could be spread through unreliable file-sharing websites, pop-ups, and ads. Thus, users who want to keep away from such applications should stay alert and away from tools that come from unreliable sources.MyDocsHere Removal GuideMyDocsHere screenshot
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What kind of annoying qualities might MyDocsHere have? The application may change your browser preferences, such as your homepage or new tab page. Thus, the next time you use your browser after installing the toolbar, you might notice that it is loading a different website instead of your usual homepage and new tab page. The toolbar’s website might contain links to online office tools, and it may have a search box. Users should know that if they enter any keywords into the site’s search box, they might be redirected to a website called MyDocsHere might also ask for permissions that some users might not want to give. To be more precise, the potentially unwanted program might wish to view your browsing history, display notifications, and manage your apps, extensions, and themes. Providing these permissions might give the tool access to details that could reveal your interests and help the software create targeted ads that could be displayed via notifications.

If you do not think that it is wise to let a potentially unwanted program view your browsing history, show you notifications, and manage your extensions, apps, or themes, you could erase MyDocsHere. If you choose to get rid of it manually, you could use the removal guide available below that shows how to delete it from your browser’s extensions menu step by step. The other way to eliminate MyDocsHere is to scan your system with a reputable antimalware tool that would detect and erase the potentially unwanted program for you.

Delete MyDocsHere

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Paste this link: chrome://extensions into the browser’s address bar.
  3. Press Enter and search for the potentially unwanted program.
  4. Tap Remove and exit Extensions menu.
  5. Restart your browser.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Paste this link: about:addons into the browser’s address bar.
  3. Click Enter and go to Extensions.
  4. Locate MyDocsHere and remove it.
  5. Exit Extensions menu.
  6. Restart your browser.

In non-techie terms:

MyDocsHere belongs to the Mindspark family of toolbars that are usually categorized as potentially unwanted programs or browser hijackers. This extension was classified as a potentially unwanted program. As mentioned in the main text, such tools often have undesirable qualities. In this case, users might find it annoying that the toolbar may change their browser preferences or require permission to view their browsing history, display notifications, and manage a user’s apps, extensions, and themes. If you do not like how this extension changes your home page and new tab page or do not want it to have the mentioned permissions, you could erase MyDocsHere. Users who wish to deal with this potentially unwanted program manually can follow the removal guide available above. The other way to get rid of this toolbar is to scan your system with a chosen antimalware tool. After the scan, your antimalware tool should let you erase the potentially unwanted program and other identified items by pressing its displayed removal button.