My Supervisor Removal Guide

Do you know what My Supervisor is?

My Supervisor is a fake anti-spyware program that may be just as bad as a nagging boss that you may have or had. My Supervisor is basically a bothersome program that pretends it is able to locate and remove spyware on your computer. The only thing that My Supervisor has been able to remove lately is the money from computer users pockets who have fallen for the illicit tactics of My Supervisor.

My Supervisor performs various tasks to get you to purchase a registered version of My Supervisor. It does this by automatically scanning your computer displaying many spyware parasites that it found. It says that I can remove them if you purchase My Supervisor but even the purchased version of My Supervisor does not remove spyware.

In non-techie terms:
My Supervisor appears to be a software suite of many programs in one that aid in security and computer infections but it fails to deliver. My Supervisor seems to have come from the same group of hackers that created Virus Doctor. Both My Supervisor and Virus Doctor are bogus spyware removal programs that you must never purchase under any circumstances.

Aliases: My Supervisor, MySupervisor.