My Shield Security Removal Guide

Do you know what My Shield Security is?

With all the threats facing healthy PCs these days, it has become impossible for PC owners to protect their PCs against known threats such as My Shield Security. This rogue antispyware application was never designed to be of any benefit to a PC, but instead to act as a vehicle with which unscrupulous cyber criminals rip honest consumers off. Of course My Shield Security will do everything in its power to convince its victims of its legitimacy, but that does not change the fact that My Shield Security has no ability to detect or remove any type of threat from a PC.

My Shield Security enters the system surreptitiously and will remain hidden from the user until it is ready to start its attack. Its infection tactics range from using bogus online malware scanners to seditious browser hijackers. Once My Shield Security is securely installed it will start its attack against the system by initiating a fake system scan. This fake scan will report on various fake security threats supposedly crippling the PC.

Shortly after this the user will receive various falsely generated security threats informing him of the same thing, and urging him to pay for My Shield Security to protect his PC. Other symptoms related to the My Shield Security infection range from users being unable to connect to the PC or launching applications on the infected PC. Poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior have also been reported.

You will only be able to regain control of your PC if you destroy My Shield Security with the help of a powerful security tool. This will also protect your PC against similar attacks in future.

In non techie terms:

My Shield Security is a fake security tool unable to live up to any of its promises. Erase My Shield Security with the help of a genuine security tool, and take back what is rightfully yours.

Aliases: MyShieldSecurity.