MVP Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what MVP Ransomware is?

MVP Ransomware is a malicious application that will lock your files without your knowledge if it ever finds a security loophole and infiltrates your computer successfully. Even though ransomware infections do not need permission to affect users’ computers, they do not try to stay unnoticed after the successful entrance. The same can be said about MVP Ransomware because it does not hide deep on the system performing activities in the background. This infection locks files right away and then demands a ransom from victims. According to our experienced researchers, this infection targets Russian-speaking users primarily. They say so because MVP Ransomware drops a ransom note with a message in Russian. Of course, it does not mean that users who do not speak Russian cannot fall victim to this harmful threat. Anyone who keeps their PCs unprotected, i.e. do not have security software installed, and surf the Internet every day risk encountering this ransomware infection. Its entrance will not go unnoticed, we can promise you that.

Ransomware infections are not one of those malicious applications that work in the background, as we have already told you in the first paragraph. Therefore, if MVP Ransomware ever affects your computer, you will realize what has happened soon. This threat has been developed to obtain money. Cyber criminals know that users will not transfer money to them as a gesture of goodwill, so they use ransomware infections to push them into making a payment. To be more specific, the ransomware infections locks files and then users are informed that there is a tool that can fix them. Of course, only cyber criminals have it. Sending money to crooks might be your only chance to unlock those files that have the .mvp filename extension, but, believe us, transferring money to ransomware developers is a huge mistake. You do not know whether you will get the decryptor after you transfer your money to them. Additionally, the money you send might help them to develop more infections in the near future. MVP Ransomware drops a ransom note (Как расшифровать файлы.TXT) that does not have an exact decryptor’s price indicated, but users are told that 24 files will be deleted from their PCs every 24 hours. Also, the decryptor’s price will increase by 30% every 24 hours. Therefore, you should not wait too long if you are going to buy the decryptor. We will say this again – paying money to crooks is definitely not what you should do.MVP Ransomware Removal GuideMVP Ransomware screenshot
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It is hardly possible to crack encryption algorithms ransomware infections use to lock files on affected computers, but it does not mean that purchasing the decryptor is the only way to fix files. If you have encountered MVP Ransomware but have a backup of all these ruined files, we are sure it will not be a problem to replace those encrypted ones with their uncorrupted copies. Also, it seems that MVP Ransomware does not delete Shadow Volume Copies of those files it encrypts, which means that data recovery software might help you to get at least some of your files back.

MVP Ransomware is quite a typical ransomware infection, specialists say. It not only encrypts files and demands money from users, but, as research has shown, it is also distributed using usual distribution methods. Specialists say that it should be mainly distributed via malicious emails, but other methods might be used to spread it too. For example, you might find it dropped on your PC without your knowledge if your RDP connection gets hacked. It might be extremely hard to prevent sophisticated malicious infections from entering the system. Therefore, it would be best to keep a trustworthy antimalware tool active on the system. Be careful; a random tool you have found on a torrent website might be nothing more than pure malware.

You cannot decide to do nothing if you have already encountered MVP Ransomware because this infection will stay active on your system. As a consequence, it might cause more problems and lock even more personal files on your PC. You will erase it completely if you delete the executable file associated with it, eliminate the registry key it has added, and remove the malicious Value from the system registry. The quickest way to clean the system is to scan it with an antimalware scanner, but it should not be too hard to erase it manually too if you use our guide (see below).

MVP Ransomware removal guide

  1. Tap Win+E.
  2. Open %APPDATA%.
  3. Delete systems.exe.
  4. Remove Как расшифровать файлы.TXT dropped on your PC.
  5. Open Registry Editor (tap Win+R, type regedit, and click OK).
  6. Right-click on the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HbPajaAoFhJJmUO and select Delete.
  7. Access HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce.
  8. Locate the Value associated with MVP Ransomware (its name is random).
  9. Double-click on it and select Delete.
  10. Remove suspicious files you have downloaded recently.
  11. Empty Trash.

In non-techie terms:

MVP Ransomware is a computer threat that has turned out to be the newest version of Scarab Ransomware. Cyber criminals have developed it to extract money from users, so it will lock all your personal files if it ever enters your system. We know that you need your files back, but it would be best that you pay no money to cyber criminals. The MVP Ransomware removal should be your top priority instead. The sooner this threat is gone, the sooner everything will get back to normal.