musicZone Search Removal Guide

Do you know what musicZone Search is?

MusicZone Search is a browser extension that works only on the Chrome browser. This extension is supposed to provide you with the relevant search results, but quite a lot of users complain that this tool seems to pop up out of nowhere. We believe that the extension can prove to be quite annoying when you do not know where it comes from. That is why we will show you how to remove musicZone Search from your browser. Just scroll down to the bottom of this description for the manual removal instructions.

As far as the rest of the article is concerned, we will divide it into three parts: where musicZone Search comes from, what this extension does, and why you really need to remove it. One thing we have to establish here is that this extension is NOT a malicious infection. It does not enter your system surreptitiously and it does not hide its presence. In fact, you probably have installed it yourself even if you were not aware of that. That is something most of the potentially unwanted programs have in common: they come bundled with other apps and users do not realize they agree to install them.

Hence, when you download programs from file-sharing websites, please be sure to read every single installation step carefully. More often than not, third-party installers inform users about the additional programs or plug-ins that are about to be added to their system, but users often tend to breeze through the installation process without bothering to read what the installation wizard tells them. Therefore, being more attentive when you add new programs might save you the trouble of dealing with the likes of musicZone Search in the future.musicZone Search Removal GuidemusicZone Search screenshot
Scroll down for full removal instructions

Next, we cannot say that this extension is a malicious infection because it has an official homepage and it can also be found on the Chrome Web Store. When we open the main homepage via, we can see that there are at least several other extensions out there that offer similar functions. They all look neat and user-friendly, and seemingly, there is nothing suspicious about them. However, the lack of comprehensive information on what these extensions do should be your first warning sign.

What’s more, some users believe that programs like musicZone Search are browser hijackers because of the way they behave. We know for sure that when this extension is added to your browser, it changes your default search engine. All of your search queries will be then redirected via straight to a modified Yahoo! Search page. This does not mean that Yahoo! Search is related to this extension. Such apps often make use of popular search engines because they cannot provide you with original search services.

What’s more, the modified search results mean that you will probably see a lot of content you WANT to see. That is to say, musicZone Search will monitor your online activity to find out what you usually look for, and then it will provide you with links you are very likely to click. Why would the extension care about that? Because it makes money via the pay-per-click system whenever you click the promoted link.

The problem here is that you might click a corrupted link embedded there by cyber criminals who want to exploit musicZone Search and its relatively vulnerable network. In other words, someone might make this extension into a malware distributor, and that is definitely no one wants to go through.

To protect your computer and your personal information from malicious exploitations, you need to make sure that you get rid of all the potentially unwanted programs today. Please follow the instructions below to delete musicZone Search from your browser. It is not complicated to get rid of the plug-ins you do not need. However, you should also consider scanning your system with a reliable antispyware tool because there might be more undesirable applications slowing down your system or collecting your web browsing data.

You need to do everything you can to protect yourself from various threats. If you need more information on the matter, please feel free to drop us a comment below. Our team will be ready to answer your questions.

How to Remove musicZone Search

  1. Launch your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and go to More tools.
  3. Select Extensions and remove the application.
  4. Restart your browser.

In non-techie terms:

You may not know how musicZone Search was added to your browser, but you can easily remove this extension if you try. It is not a malicious infection, so it will not resist the removal process. While you are at it, you should also uninstall other potentially harmful programs you have installed along the way. If you do not know which programs must be removed, you can scan your system with the SpyHunter free scanner, and you get a list of all the potential threats at once.