Alert! Imbot.AC Worm Spreads Through MSN Messenger

Imbot.AC Worm Spreads through MSN Messenger

Worm_Imbot.AC or Imbot.AC Worm is a worm infection that can be installed by malware from visiting certain web sites. The Imbot.AC or Worm_Imbot.AC worm spreads itself through the MSN Messenger program. Imbot.AC Worm may spread through MSN Messenger by sending a message with a .ZIP file attachment. The .ZIP file attachment may have a copy of the Imbot.AC Worm targeting the recipients of the messages it sends out. If you get suspicious messages on MSN Messenger it might be a devilish hacker taking you for a ride.

Do you use MSN Messenger? Do you ever get these messages on MSN Messenger?

Have I shown you this new picture of my cat:)
Did you see this picture, it's hilarious!!!!!
Hey, check out this great photo from my trip to England

Aliases: Worm_Imbot.AC, Imbot.AC Worm

If you ever get the messages show above on MSN Messenger it may be a good idea to discontinue use of MSN Messenger until the Worm_Imbot.AC infection is cleaned off of your system. The messages are not friendly remarks from one of your buddies. The Imbot.AC Worm may connect to TCP ports allowing remote users to execute commands. Imbot.AC Worm can also kill/end processes running in your system's memory.

It is always a good practice to discontinue use of a program if it is exploited or infected by a worm such as the Imbot.AC Worm. Continuing use of a program when infected can compromise your system's security.

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