MS Word Attacks Confirmed by Microsoft

Security Hole Discovered In Certain Microsoft Word Versions

Recently it was reported that a vulnerability in MS Word allows an attacker to exploit a computer system through the Microsoft Jet Database Engine was confirmed by Microsoft. The Database through which attackers can exploit a system shares data with Visual Basic, Access and other third party applications.

Even though Microsoft advises that the potential for the attack is "very limited", it still leaves an outlet open for a hacker to attack a person's system. Microsoft has said that this attack is applicable to customers running Microsoft Word 2000 SP3, Microsoft Word 2002 SP3, Microsoft Word 2003 SP2, Microsoft Word 2003 SP3, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2007 SP1 on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 SP1.

PC Tip: It is recommended that users of any of the above mentioned software download any updates or security patches as they become available to avoid your system being attacked through the recently discovered vulnerability. It is always a good suggestion to regularly check the Microsoft website for any updates.

Currently Microsoft is investigating the spread of the attack and what kind of impact this is to the customers. Microsoft will attempt to cover all avenues by further investigating whether this attach can be exploited through other applications or 3rd party software. The outcome may involve a security update or patch to resolve the vulnerability.

Microsoft has disclosed that the risk is limited and a customer would have to take several steps for a successful attack to happen.

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