MS Recovery Tool Removal Guide

Do you know what MS Recovery Tool is?

Just recently MS Removal Tool appeared threatening to lay waste to numbers of computers worldwide, and now there is already a clone of this program, intending to do the same. MS Recovery Tool is a rogue antispyware application, coming from the same nest of rogues as the aforementioned MS Removal Tool, System Tool and Security Tool. These rogues come forth to rip unsuspecting consumers off, and it requires great caution to avoid being fooled by this scam.

MS Recovery Tool can enter your system via various means of distribution. Sometimes it is delivered through spam email. The attachments that the spam messages come with usually carry the rogue’s installer file or a Trojan infection, which downloads the rogue later on, when it is installed in a computer already. Even though MS Recovery Tool has many ways to slither into your computer, the symptoms of the infection remain all the same.

When installed, MS Recovery Tool performs a fake system scan, during which you can observe a user-friendly interface, which differs nothing from that of a reliable security program. It has tabs for Protection, Privacy, Update and Settings. At the top right corner of it you can even see the Support button. Sadly, all of this is created in order trick the user into believing, that MS Recovery Tool is a trustworthy security program, which is very far from truth.

The truth is that MS Recovery Tool is a rogue application, which does all it can to sabotage your computer, and then fool you into purchasing the license for the program. Purchasing the license include revealing your personal information and your credit card data. All of it can be used later on while performing various illegal operations, and subsequently, the blame for them will be on you, because it will be your data used for the evil deeds.

One thing for sure, you cannot let this happen, so you need to remove MS Recovery Tool immediately. It is possible to do manually and automatically, although manual removal requires a little bit more of computer knowledge. If you are not too confident of your computing skills, get yourself and good automatic malware removal program, and destroy MS Recovery Tool for good.

In non techie terms:

MS Recovery Tool is fake antispyware application, which looks like a security program, but in fact is a malicious piece of software. It damages your computer at the same time aiming for your money, so there is only once choice for you to make – erase MS Recovery Tool at once before it managed to cause any great harm.

Aliases: MSRecoveryTool.