Movie-Hub Removal Guide

Do you know what Movie-Hub is?

Movie-Hub is an extension that, at the time of research, was only compatible with the Google Chrome browser. This extension appears to have been created by FirstGate Mobile Ltd., and our research team classifies it as a potentially unwanted program. Although, at first sight, this PUP might seem like a helpful and reliable tool, it was found that it can hijack your default search provider, redirect you to a third-party search engine, promote third-party links, and even record information about your activity. Although the extension is not a critical threat, there is no doubt that it is not as harmless as it might appear to be. Also, the usefulness of this PUP is very questionable. Though it can help you find details on the movies you are interested in, its services are not more – or even equally as – beneficial as the services provided to you via popular movie databases and sites. Due to these reasons, we advise removing Movie-Hub from Google Chrome. If you want to learn more, this article will be of great use.

The official download page representing Movie-Hub is, but the installer is found at Despite this, some users are introduced to this potentially unwanted program via bundles that carry other PUPs or even malicious infections. Furthermore, misleading and aggressive pop-ups could be used to spread the suspicious extension as well. It is not surprising that the creator of the PUP has decided to use other methods of distribution because it is unlikely that many would seek Movie-Hub out on their own. That is because it does not offer highly attractive services. According to the official promotion, this PUP will help you find movies faster, but is that what you call useful? Once the extension is installed, you have to type “movie” into the address bar of your Chrome browser and tap the Space bar on the keyboard to activate the search engine. Only then are you allowed to enter the name of the movie you are interested in, and only then are you introduced to some basic info that you can probably find quicker using a reliable search engine. Needless to say, if you find the add-on useless, you should not postpone its removal.Movie-Hub Removal GuideMovie-Hub screenshot
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Is it possible that the developer of Movie-Hub created this extension only to introduce you to a suspicious search tool? Unfortunately, that could be the case. When installing the extension, you are forced to accept the default search provider changes. If you accept this, every time you enter a search keyword into the address bar, you are redirected to via Movie-Hub’s search engine. Although Yahoo Search is a reputable tool, the PUP could potentially use it to showcase sponsored third-party content, and that is one of the reasons to delete it. Also, you should never trust software that can redirect you without your permission. Besides that, Movie-Hub also has the permission to read and CHANGE the data on the sites you visit, and that is disconcerting as well. Overall, this PUP is too suspicious and not enough useful, and so we recommend removing it ASAP.

In case the PUP came bundled with third-party malware, anti-malware software can be employed to erase all infections. If you decide to eliminate all infections manually, we suggest researching every single threat carefully. As you can see, deleting Movie-Hub manually is not a big challenge, and our research has shown that the suspicious hijacker is erased when you get rid of the extension as well. If you want to discuss the removal of the infection further, use the comments section.

Remove Movie-Hub from Google Chrome

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Simultaneously tap keys Alt+F to open a menu.
  3. Click More tools and then choose Extensions.
  4. Identify the unwanted add-on and click the recycle bin icon.
  5. Select Remove and then restart the browser.

In non-techie terms:

Movie-Hub is a potentially unwanted program that promises to help you find movie-related information, but, in reality, is most likely created to expose users to third-party content that might be shown after illegally redirecting to Yahoo Search. Furthermore, our research team believes that the PUP might also collect information about you and your activity online. Because of all this, it is strongly recommended that you delete Movie-Hub from your Google Chrome browser without further hesitation. The manual removal guide above is easy to follow, and you should have no problem erasing the PUP. However, if other infections are active, different methods might have to be applied. Luckily, you can install an anti-malware tool, and all threats and PUPs will be erased automatically.